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Wrestling Lockup With Brandon 4/25/17: RAW Kansas City Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

We're back at it this week with the Monday Night RAW recap! One thing you think WWE would have learned by now is to reinforce the ring every time Big Show wrestles someone around his size, as we saw last week when Big Show and Braun Strowman collapsed the ring. Shout out to the referee of the match who probably took the best bump of the night when he fell out of the ring! What did we have in store for us this week, as RAW was live in Kansas City, Missouri for their go home show to this Sunday night's WWE Payback pay per view.

** This Weeks Card **
- WWE RAW World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy battled Sheamus.
- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville and TJ Perkins battled Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher.
- Braun Strowman battled Kalisto in a Dumpster Match.
- Alicia Fox battled Dana Brooke.
- Seth Rollins, Enzo and Big Cass battled Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in a Six Man Tag Team Match.
- Sasha Banks battled Alexa Bliss.
- Apollo Crews battled Curt Hawkins.
- Chris Jericho and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose battled The Miz and a Mystery Opponent. 

- Promos By: Alexa Bliss

- Chris Jericho, The Miz and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose battle over Jericho's Highlight Reel, The Miz's Miz TV and Ambrose's Ambrose Asylum.

** RAW **

- The Highlight Reel With Chris Jericho: Jericho says this will be the last RAW Highlight Reel because he's winning the WWE United States Championship from Kevin Owens at WWE Payback and will be moving to Smackdown Live. Jericho mocks Owens and calls Owens the Hemorrhoid of America. The Miz and Maryse suddenly interrupt, mock Kansas City, announce that the Highlight Reel is officially cancelled and it's now time for Miz TV on RAW. Dean Ambrose suddenly interrupts, agrees with Chris Jericho that The Miz is a stupid idiot and no one in KC wants to see Miz TV.
Ambrose welcomes us to the Ambrose Asylum and welcomes Jericho, Miz and Maryse as his guests. Ambrose says he's rooting for Jericho even though they've had their differences in the past. Jericho reminds Ambrose he still owes him $15,000 for his light up jacket. Ambrose says he had it but lost it at the blackjack table. Ambrose gives Jericho a new jacket with Christmas lights on it and Jericho loves it. Miz finally interrupts and mocks both Jericho and Ambrose and demands presents from other superstars as well. Ambrose says he has a gift for Miz too and lays Miz out with Dirty Deeds. Jericho then adds Maryse to The List for being married to a stupid idiot. 

- Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus: The match closes out with Sheamus countering the Twist of Fate, sends Matt to the floor and hits a rolling senton on Matt. Jeff Hardy checks on Matt, but gets shoved away by Sheamus. Jeff gets on the apron and argues with Sheamus, forcing Cesaro to pull Jeff off the apron. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Sheamus and scores the pinfall. After the match, Cesaro isn't happy that Jeff cost Sheamus the match. Sheamus calms Cesaro down and says it's ok. Both teams shake hands.
Winner: Matt Hardy, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle is on the phone and says he'll ask Kalisto if he really wants to compete in his Dumpster Match tonight against Braun Strowman. Miz and Maryse interrupt, angry about what happened earlier. Angle tells Miz to go find a partner and he can battle Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho later.

- Neville and TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher: The match closes out with Gallagher landing forearms and an uppercut on Neville. Neville unloads kicks on Gallagher, but Gallagher lands a big head butt. Gallagher counters a Perkins kick, allowing Aries to drop Perkins. Aries hits the Discus Five Arm on Perkins to score the pinfall.
Winners: Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher, by pinfall.

- "Dumpster Match": Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto: The match closes out with Strowman unloading chest shots on Kalisto and sends him to the mat. Strowman tosses Kalisto over the ropes, but he hangs on from falling into the dumpster. Strowman clubs Kalisto and lifts him into the air. Kalisto counters out, kicks Strowman in the legs and causes Strowman to land in the dumpster still standing. The referee gives the win to Kalisto even though Strowman didn't fall in the dumpster, he was still legally in it. After the match, Strowman beats down Kalisto, tosses Kalisto into the barricade, tosses Kalisto into the dumpster and rolls him up the ramp. Strowman ends up shoving the dumpster off the stage with Kalisto still inside.
Winner: Kalisto

- Backstage, they show Kalisto being loaded into an ambulance.

- A video highlight plays of Bray Wyatt hyping the House of Horrors Match at WWE Payback.

- Alicia Fox vs. Dana Brooke: Emma shows up at ringside to watch the match. The match closes out with Dana unloading on Alicia, but Alicia fights back. Alicia misses the scissors kick and gets hit with a modified Michinoku Driver to score the pinfall. After the match, Emma gets in the ring, hugs Dana then leaves. 
Winner: Dana Brooke, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Samoa Joe and The Club talk about how they're beating Enzo, Big Cass and Seth Rollins tonight. Joe promises to break Rollins other leg tonight.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Seth Rollins, Enzo and Big Cass: Before the match can even start, Samoa Joe jumps Cass from the crowd. The Club attack Enzo and lay him out with the Magic Killer. Seth Rollins finally arrives and makes the save as WWE Medical check on Enzo. Kurt Angle arrives and announces that Enzo can not continue so he got Rollins and Cass a new partner. Angle announces Finn Balor as Balor heads to the ring.
Winner: No Contest.

- "Six Man Tag Team Match": Seth Rollins, Big Cass and Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: The match closes out with Anderson getting tossed outside and Rollins hitting a suicide dive. Joe attacks Rollins until Balor hits Joe with a drop kick. Rollins with a flying clothesline on Anderson and then goes for the Pedigree. Rollins holds back, hits a knee to Anderson's face instead and scores the pinfall.
Winners: Seth Rollins, Big Cass and Finn Balor, by pinfall.

- Alexa Bliss Promo: Alexa says every week everyone comes out, talk about who they want to wrestle, living their childhood dreams and it makes Alexa want to vomit. Alexa says she'll be the next WWE Women's Champion because she came to RAW to win. Bayley interrupts and heads to the ring. Bayley says Alexa has always been the type to talk behind someone's back. Bayley says she works her butt off everyday and will do whatever it takes to keep the WWE Women's Championship. Alexa is glad that WWE Payback is in Bayley's hometown so she can beat her in front of Bayley's family. Sasha Banks suddenly interrupts and heads to the ring. Alexa mocks Bayley and Sasha's friendship and Sasha calls Alexa a troll doll. Sasha tells Alexa she has a match right now against Alexa. Alexa says she's going to go get Kurt Angle to cancel it before it can happen. Sasha drops Alexa and the match starts now.

- Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss: The match closes out with Sasha unloading on Alexa. Sasha counters a kick and lands a knee on Alexa. Sasha goes for the Banks Statement submission, but Alexa reaches the ropes. Alexa escapes outside and takes the countout loss. After the match, Bayley chases Alexa backstage. Alexa comes back, attacks Bayley from behind and leaves Bayley laid out.
Winner: Sasha Banks, by countout.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose asks Chris Jericho if he can be taken off The List now. Jericho says Ambrose still owes him  $15,000 and still owes him for dropping him on thumb tacks in their Asylum Match a few months back. Jericho then says that he really does like his new jacket and takes Ambrose off The List.

- Backstage, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel promote Marine 5. Miz interrupts and asks if one of them could be his partner tonight. Both men turn Miz down. Miz suddenly gets a letter and smiles because he now has a partner for tonight.

- Curt Hawkins vs. Apollo Crews: The match closes out with Crews making quick work of Hawkins and scores the pinfall with the Apollo Bomb. After the match, Titus O'Neil arrives, takes a selfie with Crews and says that Crews is on his way with the Titus Brand.
Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Austin Aries proposes a match idea to Kurt Angle for 205 Live.

- Backstage, The Miz tells Kurt Angle he's got his partner and everyone will be sorry once they see who it is. Elias Samson suddenly appears, playing his guitar. Angle tells Miz that that's an interesting choice and walks off. Miz says he has no clue who Elias Samson is and Samson is not his partner tonight. 

- Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz and ????: The Miz arrives, says his partner is late so he'll have to cancel the match. Kurt Angle arrives and says with or without a partner the match is still on. The match starts with The Miz in a 2 on 1 disadvantage. The match closes out with Ambrose setting Miz up to go through the announcers table. The lights suddenly go out, pop back on and Bray Wyatt is here. Bray lays out Ambrose with Sister Abigail right into the LED board. Bray and Miz double team Jericho back into the ring. Bray lays Jericho out with Sister Abigail and poses in his crab walk position. Bray suddenly pops back up, grabs Miz and lays Miz out with Sister Abigail. Bray poses over the carnage and tells us to follow the buzzards to end the show.
Winner: No Contest.

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