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Weekend 3 Count 4/2/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news rumors and recaps involving WWE, NXT, Impact Wrestling, ROH, Lucha Underground, NJPW, House of Hardcore, ICW, CZW, FIP, AAW, EVOLVE, SHINE, SHIMMER and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday afternoon at @TripleThreatCLE

*** WWE ***

- Goldberg News: According to backstage rumors in WWE, Goldberg will not be resigning with WWE after Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg is expected to drop the WWE Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar at the event and retire from professional wrestling.

- Braun Strowman News: Triple H recently stated that Braun Strowman has been a success and has been a huge asset to the company. WWE have big plans and a push coming for Strowman after Wrestlemania 33. Strowman is currently one of the favorites to win the 4th Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 33.

- Jim Ross Calling A Wrestlemania 33 Match And New Contract: WWE announced this week that WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross will be commentating for the WWE Universal Championship Match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. JR also signed a new contract with the WWE for occasional tv appearances and work on the WWE Network.

- Noam Dar Injury: Last week on RAW, Noam Dar suffered an unknown injury, which forced him off of 205 Live on Tuesday. Dar will be examined by doctors this weekend during Wrestlemania 33 weekend to determine the injury and the rehab time frame. Dar's current fued with Rich Swann has been put on hold.

- Shelton Benjamin Update: It was announced this week that Shelton Benjamin has been cleared to wrestle after being out of action for 9 months with a torn rotator cuff. WWE, however, haven't stated on whether or not they will still use Benjamin on the Smackdown Live brand or release him.

- Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania Rumors: Hogan recently was asked about possibly appearing at Wrestlemania 33 on Sunday during a meet and greet at one of his beach shops. Hogan stated he would not be at Wrestlemania 33 and actually has another meet and greet in Orlando on that same day from Noon to 4. The meet and greet is only 8 miles away from Camping World Stadium where Wrestlemania 33 takes place.

- Eva Marie Done With WWE: WWE announced this passed week that they would not be renewing a new contract with Eva Marie and have officially released her.

- Wrestlemania 34 Predictions: With Wrestlemania 33 on Sunday night, a top ten list was posted on line this week of the 10 matches that fans want to see at next year's Wrestlemania 34. Do you agree or disagree with these match ideas?

#10: AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
#9: The Broken Hardys vs. The New Day vs. American Alpha (TLC Match)
#8: Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens (WWE World)
#7: Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman
#6: Bayley vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (Battle of the Horsewomen)
#5: Baron Corbin vs. Shane McMahon (Street Fight Match)
#4: Kurt Angle vs. Seth Rollins
#3: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (Universal Title)
#2: The Rock vs. Triple H
#1: The Undertaker vs. John Cena (Career vs. Career Match)

** 205 Live **
Akira Tozawa battled Brian Kendrick in a one on one match in the main event. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville gave his final thoughts before going into Wrestlemania 33 and defending his title against Austin Aries.

1.) Rich Swann vs. Ariya Daivari: The match closes out with Swann getting a near fall modified Michinoku Driver. Daivari with a Cobra Clutch submission, follows that with a neck breaker and then gets a near fall frog splash. Swann with a top rope hurricanrana on Daivari, setting Swann up to deliver the Phoenix Splash for the pinfall.

2.) Backstage, Alicia Fox says Noam Dar isn't cleared to wrestle. Rich Swann interrupts and wishes Dar a speedy recovery. Alicia then gets perfume as a present delivered to her.

3.) Backstage, Drew Gulak hypes up Mustafa Ali and loves the reaction he gets. Gulak continues talking, but Ali walks away.

4.) Mustafa Ali vs. Brandon Scott: The match closes out with Ali connecting with corner kicks on Scott and then delivers a rolling neck breaker. Ali hits the Imploding 450 Splash on Scott and scores the pinfall.

5.) Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick: The match closes out with Tozawa connecting with a running boot, but Kendrick comes back with a near fall Sliced Bread #2. Kendrick goes for the Captain's Hook submission, but Tozawa escapes. Kendrick attempts a Super Sliced Bread #2 off the top rope on Tozawa, but Tozawa blocks it causing Kendrick to rip the turnbuckle pad off. Kendrick dodges a Tozawa charge, causing Tozawa to hit the exposed steel turnbuckle and allowing Kendrick to score the pinfall.

6.) Neville Promo: Neville talks about the trials and tribulations he's been through to get noticed, he's been disrespected and overlooked by the WWE, how he missed Wrestlemania 32 last year with a broken ankle and no one cared and without him there would be no cruiserweight division. Neville says to be careful what we wish for because a 205 Live without Neville would make the show nothing. Austin Aries interrupts Neville and talks about Neville's ego being his problem. Aries says that 205 Live is twice as great now with Aries here, he is much better than Neville, they both have fought hard to get where they are, he knows that they will tear down the house on Sunday and then promises to take Neville's WWE Cruiserweight Championship when it's all said and done. Neville heard enough, attacks Aries and beats Aries down. Neville goes for a second attack, but Aries pops back up and traps Neville in the Last Chancery submission. Neville escapes the submission and escapes to the floor to end the show.

*** NXT ***

- Who's Ruby Riot?: This past week, I was asked by the Vince McMahon of Triple Threat CLE on who exactly is Ruby Riot, well let me give you some insight on the independent wrestling female newcomer to NXT.

Ruby Riot aka Heidi Lovelace made her pro wrestling debut in JCW...yes THAT JCW...Insane Clown Posse's Juggalo Championship Wrestling back in 2010. Ruby has also competed in Chikara Wrestling, SHINE Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Japan's World Wonder Ring Stardom and Ohio Valley Wrestling. Ruby was trained down in Ohio Valley Wrestling, by Billy Roc.

Ruby comes equipped with an aerial offense of moves, as she's been known to hit the skies with frog splashes, hurricanranas and springboard assaults. Ruby also has some submission style moves in her aersanal as she's been known to use a Fujiwara Armbar submission in the past.

Ruby is a 1 time AAW Heritage Champion, 1 time OVW Women's Champion, 1 time SHIMMER Tag Team Champion, 1 time Young Lions Cup winner in Chikara and has held a few other independent wrestling titles.

- Kurt Angle Calls Out Bobby Roode: This past week Kurt Angle released a new t-shirt that showed Angle with the Ankle Lock submission on NXT World Champion Bobby Roode. Angle and Roode went on to have a playful exchange of words about the t-shirt on Twitter. Angle challenged Roode to a possible future match and Roode stated that that idea would be glorious.

- Elias Samson Update: If you missed NXT this past Wednesday night, Elias Samson lost in a Loser Leaves NXT Match against Kassius Ohno. Rumors are stating that Samson is expected to receive a new gimmick and will be moving up to the main roster sometime this spring or early summer.

- Tian Bing Debut: WWE announced this week that NXT Chinese recruit Tian Bing will debut at Wrestlemania 33 in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

*** Impact Wrestling ***

** Impact Recap **
This week a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match took place to crown new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

1.) Bruce Prichard, Dutch Mantell, Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash are all in a meeting. They all agree on a plan for the Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards feud. Mathews says Ethan Carter is being used wrong. Karen Jarrett interrupts and says she wants a face to face in the ring with Sienna tonight. Borash asks to replace Mathews on commentary then says that maybe Mathews' wife Madison Rayne could replace him because she's better at commentary. Mathews and Borash mock each other to end the segment.

2.) Karen Jarrett Promo: Karen says she's here to address Sienna, who's been bullying the other Knockouts since Maria Bennett left the company. Sienna heads to the ring and goes face to face with Karen. Karen says she's heard negative things about Sienna since she's returned and Sienna demands to know who's talking about her. Karen refuses to say, so Sienna assumes its Allie. Karen demands Sienna to apologize when suddenly a man known as KM and says he's Sienna's cousin interrupts. KM tells Karen to shut up, respect his family and demands Karen to apologize to Sienna. Braxton Sutter and Allie hit the ring to help Karen and chase off KM and Sienna. Karen announces KM vs. Sutter tonight.

3.) DJ Z vs. Andrew Everett: The match closes out with DJ Z going for his ZDT finisher, but Everett counters and traps DJ Z in a small package for the pinfall. After the match, Shane Helms and Trevor Lee interrupt and mock Everett. Helms says that Everett will get a chance next week to continue his winning streak.

4.) Rosemary Promo: Rosemary brags about retiring Gail Kim, dashing Sienna's hopes, ruining Brandi Rhodes' personal life and blackening Jade's soul. ODB suddenly interrupts and introduces herself as one of Impact's Originals and plans to take Rosemary's title. Rosemary is finished and goes to leave, however, the entire Knockout roster stop Rosemary's exit. Madison Rayne insults the entire roster and Jeremy Borash and reminds everyone of her accomplishments. Brandi Rhodes demands a title shot. Diamante from LAX says she's here to fight and a huge brawl breaks out to end the segment.

5.) More bickering between Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews leads to Mathews suggesting he get a team and Borash get a team and have them fight. Borash says no because he thinks the idea is stupid.

6.) Ethan Carter Promo: EC3 apologizes to Karen Jarrett, realizes that Impact is changing and he needs to accept it. EC3 says he will be the top guy again, lists off some of Impact's past great wrestlers and then gets interrupted by James Storm. Storm is insulted that EC3 didn't mention his name. EC3 says because Storm isn't a multi time world champion. Storm states that he is an Impact Original and lists all of his accomplishments. EC3 mocks Storm for being in Beer Money cause that's where all Storm did was drink beer and spend money. Storm says that both he and EC3 have the mind set to be a world champion, so maybe they should leave that decision on who gets a title shot in the fans hands instead of the Impact Office. 

7.) "Impact Grand Championship Match": Moose (c) vs. Cody Rhodes: Cody accidentally knocks out one of the judges in round one so Bruce Prichard takes the judges place. Moose takes round one 29-28. Cody takes round two 29-28. Before round three, Brandi Rhodes walks out on Cody for trying to use a steel chair on Moose in round two. Round three ends with Cody landing a Disaster Kick on Moose, putting both men down. Both men get back up and unload on each other until the bell sounds to end the last round. Moose gets the win from the judges in the final round to retain his title. After the match, Moose talks trash to Cody as Cody storms off.

8.) Braxton Sutter vs. KM: The match closes out with Sienna chasing Allie around ringside. KM tries to grab Allie, but gets unloaded on by Sutter. Sienna finally catches Allie, which distracts Sutter. KM catches Sutter distracted and hits a power bomb into a backstabber on Sutter to score the pinfall. After the match, Allie unloads on Sienna and Sutter unloads on KM, chasing them both from the ring. Laurel Van Ness appears on the stage still in her wedding dress and drunk and yells at Sutter and Allie.

9.) "Impact World Tag Team Championship, Fatal Four Way Match": The Decay vs. Reno Scum vs. LAX vs. The Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.: The match closes out with LAX taking out Reno Scum and then attacks The Decay. LAX hit the Street Sweeper on Abyss and then hit a top rope double foot stomp into a cutter on Crazzy Steve. Rosemary tries to interfere but gets speared by Diamante. Laredo Kid gets caught in mid air by Ortiz and LAX hit a blockbuster into a power bomb on Kid. LAX scores the pinfall and become the new Impact World Tag Team Champions to end the show.

- The Broken Hardy's Delete The TNA World Tag Team Championship: As all of you may have heard by now, The Broken Hardy's are no longer with Impact Wrestling and are in a court case with Impact over The Broken Hardy's gimmick. Impact recently vacated the tag team titles after the Hardys left and created the new Impact World Tag Team Championship. The Broken Hardy's posted a video this week still in possession of the TNA World Tag Team Championship and deleting them into the lake of reincarnation and creating the Obsolete Tag Team Championship. You can check out that video here:


** ROH TV Recap **
This week's show was the first taped show to take place after ROH's 15 Anniversary Show that saw Christopher Daniels defeat Adam Cole to become the new ROH World Champion. The main event of the show saw ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Dalton Castle battle The Bullet Club in a Six Man Tag Team Match.

1.) The Addiction Promo: The show opens with a table set up in the ring and some appetini for celebrating. Kazarian introduces the NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels. Daniels talks about his huge win and how he defeated a man younger, faster and more technical than him. Daniels says he was smarter than Adam Cole though, as Daniels and Kazarian came up with the swerve on The Bullet Club idea together to defeat Cole. Kazarian talks about becoming the new #1 Contender to the ROH Television Championship and plans on taking it from Marty Scurll. Daniels and Kazarian promise that they will always be one unit known as The Addiction even though they're taking singles routes now. Dalton Castle suddenly interrupts and heads to the ring. Daniels shares his appletini with Castle as Castle congratulates Daniels and reminds him that Castle is the current #1 Contender and his opponent at Supercard of Honor. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks interrupt and stand on the stage. Cole mocks Daniels, states that he was screwed and promises that The Addiction will pay. Cole calls Castle a joke and would make a joke of a world champion. Kazarian challenges Cole to a six man tag team match tonight and Cole accepts.   

2.) Backstage, Marty Scurll states that there is no one on the entire ROH roster that can step up to him and he will remain as the most dominate ROH Television Champion. Kenny King interrupts and says he's beaten the same men that Scurll has beaten and wants a title shot. Scurll accepts the challenge for next week.

3.) "ROH World Tag Team Championship Match": The Broken Hardy's (c) vs. The Briscoes: The match closes out with Mark and Jay hitting superplexes on The Hardy's. Mark hits the Froggie Bow for a near fall. Jeff breaks up a Doomsday Device attempt, but The Briscoes are able to hit it on a second attempt. Jeff stops the pinfall and battles with Jay out on the floor. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on Jay and then helps Matt double team Mark. The Hardy's hit the Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb combo, but Mark somehow kicks out. The Hardy's are finally able to put Mark away with a pinning cradle to retain their titles. After the match, The Young Bucks appear and challenge The Broken Hardy's to put their titles on the line in a Ladder Match at Supercard of Honor. The Hardy's accept.

4.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": The Addiction and Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks: The match closes out with all six men brawling and taking each other out. Cole hits a Destroyer on Kazarian and then Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever on Cole. The Bucks hit double super kicks on Daniels, Kazarian, Castle and then accidentally hit Cole too. The Addiction recover and fight with The Bucks outside. Castle hits the Bang A Rang on Cole and scores the pinfall. After the match, Castle and Daniels show respect and handshake each other before their title match at Supercard of Honor to end the show.

- Jeff Hardy Interviewed: Jeff Hardy was interviewed this past Friday afternoon and stated that the rumors of he and Matt Hardy signing with WWE are false. According to Jeff, the brothers have not been contacted or even offered contracts with the WWE at this time. Jeff also stated that he and Matt are looking at staying in ROH throughout the summer and Jeff even wants to see if ROH will let his band perform at a show when their album is released this year.


** Road To Sakura Genesis Recap **
The main event of the show saw Yoshi-Hashi and IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada battle Yuji Nagata and Katsuyori Shibata in tag team action.

1.) Tomoyuki Oka vs. Bad Luck Fale: The match closes out with Fale squashing Oka with the Grenade for the pinfall.

2.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": Taka Michinoku, El Desperado and Takashi Iizuka vs. Hirai Kawato, Tiger Mask and Jushin Thunder Liger: The match closes out with Desperado hitting Guitarra del Angel on Kawato for the pinfall. After the match, Liger grabbed a steel chair and chased off Michinoku, Desperado and Iizuka.

3.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": Togi Makabe, Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. War Machine and David Finlay: The match closes out with Hanson accidentally knocking out his partner Rowe. Kojima hits the Kozy Lariat on Finlay and scores the pinfall.

4.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": Jado, Gedo and Hirooki Goto vs. Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Taichi: The match closes out with Kanemaru hitting Deep Impact on Gedo to score the pinfall.

5.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": Kenny Omega, Yujiro Takahashi and Chase Owens vs. Toru Yano, Beretta and Tomohiro Ishii: The match closes out with Yano scoring the pinfall on Owens.

6.) "Ten Man Tag Team Match": Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson, Manabu Nakanishi, Ryusuke Taguchi and KUSHIDA vs. Hiromu Takahashi, Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, EVIL and BUSHI: The match closes out with Robinson hitting Pulp Friction on SANADA for the pinfall.

7.) Yoshi-Hashi and Kazuchika Okada vs. Yuji Nagata and Katsuyori Shibata: The match closes out with Shibata hitting the PK on Yoshi for the pinfall, after he stopped Shibata from hitting it on Okada.

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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