Thursday, April 27, 2017

Krunch Time With Katelin: Dream Scenarios for the Browns

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

Well friends we made it!!! Its here!!!

The NFL draft that is...the Super Bowl for us Browns fans. Every year we hype up certain prospects with the hope of them being the savior for this franchise that hasn't got it right since returning in 1999. So lets keep it simple. These are the my dream draft scenarios..."The Good, the meh, and the ugly".

The Good:

1. Myles Garrett at number one and drafting Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Yes, I'm on the Trubisky hype train, and yes a small reason is because "he gets us". But real talk...Getting the best player in the draft and the best quarterback can't not be a good thing. If the Browns think Mitch is their guy and Hue Jackson believes in him then I hope they go get him. Whether they trade up to ensure getting him or whether they wait until the 12th pick. There is going to be a theme with "the good" and "the meh". Myles is the number one overall pick because he is hands down the best player in the draft.

2. Myles Garrett and Tight End OJ Howard. Again, best player in the draft and the arguably the best skilled player in the draft. OJ Howard has been compared to Greg Olsen...and that's his basement. Howard would fit in Hue Jackson's offense from day one. Lining up two tight end sets with Howard and Barnidge would only help Kenny Britt, Corey Coleman, and the running game. Howard is already a good run blocker and has already been coached by Hue Jackson and his staff at the Senior Bowl.

The Meh:

1. Myles Garrett and ending up trading down from 12. Trading down would mean one of "their guys" isn't there at 12. Whether or not they end up drafting a quarterback with the pick, maybe makes it a "good". But it would be extremely anti-climatic after months of mock drafts and running through draft all these scenarios. Again, I guess it would depend on the player they got and the return they got from the pick

2. Myles Garrett and one of the top Receivers (Mike Williams, John Ross, or Corey Davis).  I'm not saying one of the receivers wouldn't fit the Browns but after taking multiple receivers last year, signing Kenny Britt this off-season, and kinda letting Terrelle Pryor walk...I don't know, it would seem weird. A "robbing Peter to pay Paul" type situation.

The Ugly:

1. Not taking Myles Garrett number one overall...even if they take Quarterback Mitch Trubisky instead. Garrett is projected to be a once in a generation type player and with the lack of a pass rush on this team for years now it would be ridiculous for the Browns not to take Garrett. The guy is a beast physically and every other team in the Browns situation would take him.

Its just that simple...MYLES GARRETT NO MATTER WHAT!!!

2. Trading one of the first round picks for Jimmy Garoppolo. I'm not on the Garoppolo bandwagon like some people. I just don't understand why:

A. The Patriots would trade Garoppolo with Tom Brady nearing retirement (Father time is undefeated).
B. Why the Browns would trade a 1st round pick for Garoppolo, who only started a handful of games and even in those games couldn't stay healthy.
C. Garoppolo will be a free agent next season and could be signed (just like the situation with Kirk Cousins and 49ers). Trading a first round pick for Garoppolo would be a situation in which the Browns are negotiating against themselves.

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