Monday, April 24, 2017

Browns Talk 4/24/17: Five Realistic Options For The Browns To Draft At 12

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

Its officially draft week. Crazy rumors flying all over social media, random twitter accounts claiming to have "sources", but most importantly an excitement for all 32 teams. Wondering if they can possible find a "diamond in the rough or a franchise player to build around for the next decade. With the Browns it seems like a for gone conclusion they will take defensive end Myles Garrett number one overall, and frankly its not even close. Every other team in the same position would take him, but with the Browns it only fills one of many holes on this team. They still have glaring needs at Quarterback, their secondary, and hell even at skilled positions like receiver and tight end. So with all that being said here are my Top 5 *realistic Players for the Browns to take at either 12 or if they decide to trade out of that specific pick.

1. Quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky:

In my opinion Trubisky is the only quarterback in this draft that I'd be willing to trade up from 12 for. He looks the part when someone is trying to build an NFL quarterback. He's got the height, enough arm strength to make NFL type throws, and doesn't have any off-field issues...(well that can be said for the other top quarterback prospects. Now is there a little bit of "homerism" in him being the one guy I want? Sure, but he looks like the type of Quarterback someone like Hue Jackson would want leading his team. Lack of game experience for Trubisky has been brought up as a concern but that obviously hasn't hurt his draft stock.

2. Tight End, O.J. Howard:

Best offensive player in the draft, the former Alabama tight end is a first round lock. He's been projected between the top 10 to the early 20's, but even a drop that far seems unlikely.

Yes, the Browns already have a starting tight end with Gary Barnidge but he is getting up in age and he isn't the athletic threat Howard is. If anything a two tight end set with Howard and Barnidge opens up space for both of them and other skilled position player like Duke Johnson, Corey Coleman, and new Browns' receiver Kenny Britt. Howard isn't only a threat in the passing game but in the running game too. He's already an extremely good blocker coming right out of college. Last but definitely not least, the Browns coaching staff had an opportunity to coach Howard at the Senior Bowl this year, and apparently they were impressed.

3. Cornerback, Gareon Conley:

Okay...this really isn't a "homer" pick. This is a pick that fills an obvious need. The Browns need another cornerback opposite of Joe Haden. Yes, the Browns signed Jamar Taylor to an extension but with how the game is played in 2017 teams can never have enough corners. I mean, that why Justin Gilbert was taken in the first round in 2014. Conley doesn't have the "character issues" Gilbert has and if anything flew under the radar playing opposite of Marshon Lattimore at Ohio State. I'd love to get any of the Buckeye defensive backs (Hooker) at number 12 (or where ever) but it seems like Conley will be the only player who'd possibly be there at 12 or lower.

Conley is a solid and probably one of the safest picks in the draft. He has good size at 6'0 ft. to match up against the bigger and more physical receivers in the league. I can see Conley being pick if the first two guys I mentioned aren't there at number 12 or if they decide to trade down.

4. Safety, Jamal Adams:

Adams is kinda a wild card in this draft. He's been mocked anywhere from the top 5 to the mid-teens. Adams is a strong safety that excels at playing as the eighth man in the box. He is extremely athletic and has solid ball skills. Where he struggles is in pass coverage and because of that "analytically" doesn't grade well. Adams is another player like Conley that fills an obvious need for the Browns. And since the Browns have a new defensive coordinator in Greg Williams who loves to be aggressive Adams is a perfect fit.

5. Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes:

If the Adams pick is a wild card then I don't know what to call this pick. Mahomes to Cleveland would make some sense. It fills an obvious need, Mahomes is a first round pick talent, but more than that it would pretty much guarantee Hue Jackson and company at least three more years to build this team. Which maybe isn't such a terrible thing...well...unless they miss on this pick.

Mahomes is one of those guys who needs to sit for (at the very least) one year. And that would make some sense for the Browns. They already have Cody Kessler and Brock Oswieler under contract so have Mahomes redshirt in rookie year isn't out of the question. Mahomes has crazy talent. He has the arm strength and mobility to create plays (just like a former Browns first round quarterback)...but the real question is can he do the little things like read a defense, call plays from an actual playbook, and just take what the defense gives him and not try to swing for the fences like he did at Texas Tech. Personally, I don't really know what to think about him. Off the field he seems like a great person with no character issue and he seems to be a leader on the field, but I don't know if the Browns can take that big of a risk. Taking a quarterback that needs to redshirt at least one season while the Browns probably end up struggling this season. Its a tough sell to fans.

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