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Weekend 3 Count 4/9/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you the Weekend 3 Count. W3C brings you wrestling news, rumors and recaps from around the wrestling world. You'll find news rumors and recaps involving WWE, NXT, Impact Wrestling, ROH, Lucha Underground, NJPW, House of Hardcore, ICW, CZW, FIP, AAW, EVOLVE, SHINE, SHIMMER and any Indy promotion that I find an interesting story or a cool discovery in. Be sure to check out the W3C every Sunday afternoon at @TripleThreatCLE

*** WWE ***

- The Undertaker Retires: Though no official word has been announced, sources are saying that Wrestlemania 33 was in fact The Undertaker's last match in the WWE. The Undertaker's name has already been mentioned to headline the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 next year.

- The Hardy's Sign With The WWE: The Broken Hardy's or Team Xtreame, which ever you prefer to call them, officially returned to the WWE last Sunday at Wrestlemania 33.

- Broken or Unbroken?: As of this writing the Hardy Boys' Broken gimmick is still being held hostage by Impact Wrestling. As of now The Hardy Boys have signed a full time deal with the WWE as Team Xtreame, but Matt has shown signs of the Broken gimmick arriving in WWE sometime down the road once the whole issue with Impact Wrestling is resolved.

- New Champions Crowned: In case you missed Wrestlemania 33 last weekend, check out my Wrestlemania 33 recap and see how Brock Lesnar became the new WWE Universal Champion, Randy Orton became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Owens became the new WWE United States Champion, Naomi became the new WWE Smackdown Live Women's Champion and The Hardy Boys became the new WWE RAW World Tag Team Champions.

- Kurt Angle Named New RAW General Manager: This pass Monday on RAW, Vince McMahon officially announced 2017 WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle as the new RAW General Manager. With former GM Mick Foley fired and Stephanie McMahon injured after going through a table at Wrestlemania 33, Angle was named as the new GM to run RAW.

- Finn Balor Returns: The Demon King finally made his long awaited return this past Monday on RAW, after being on the DL with shoulder surgery since August of 2016.

- The Revival Make Their Main Roster Debut: Former NXT World Tag Team Champions The Revival made their official main roster debut on RAW this past Monday.

- Shinsuke Nakamura Makes His Main Roster Debut: Former 2 Time NXT World Champion Shinsuke Nakamura made his official debut on Smackdown Live this past week.

- Tye Dillinger Makes His Main Roster Debut: The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger made his official Smackdown Live debut this past week.

- A Superstar Shakeup Draft Announced: This past Monday on RAW, Vince McMahon announced that a draft will take place tomorrow night on RAW to shake things up for both shows.

- WWE Officially Announces Women's Tournament: WWE officially announced that the plans for a Women's Tournament planned out by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been set for this summer. WWE stated the following:

"For the first time in WWE history, 32 of the top female competitors from around the world will participate in a tournament this summer on WWE Network. The long-rumored tournament was confirmed today as part of “WWE Reimagined,” a presentation held at a business partner summit in Orlando, Fla., during Wrestlemania Week. Competitors from 17 countries are expected to participate in the tournament, underscoring the breadth and international diversity of women’s wrestling."

- Simon Gotch Released: WWE announced this past week that former NXT World Tag Team Champion Simon Gotch, who was one half of The Vaudevillains, has been released. No word on their plans for Aiden English now that he's down his tag team partner.

*** NXT ***

- Drew Galloway aka Drew McIntyre Returns: If you missed NXT Takeover: Orlando last week, former Impact World Champion Drew Galloway was spotted in the crowd. Galloway was also known as Drew McIntyre in his first run with the WWE and won the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Galloway/McIntyre has officially signed a new NXT contract.

- Drew McIntyre Comments On Return: After NXT Takeover: Orlando, Drew McIntyre was asked what has brought him back to WWE and more importantly signing with NXT. McIntyre stated the following:

"Well, the answer's pretty simple. I've won championships all across the world. I've helped build brands. So what's the next logical thing for me to do? It's to come here and win the NXT title. If that's not clear enough for everybody, Drew McIntyre has signed with NXT."

- Takeover: Chicago Announced: Triple H announced this week that the next NXT pay per view will be Takeover: Chicago on May 20th. No official matches have been announced as of yet.

- New NXT Theme Music: NXT announced this week that the new era of NXT begins on Wednesday April 12th. NXT announced that they will have new intro theme music to begin the new era.

*** Impact Wrestling ***

** Impact TV Recap **
Eddie Edwards battled Davey Richards in a Last Man Standing Match. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were forced to each pick a team of four men to battle each other next week.

1.) Eli Drake vs. Caleb Konley: The match closes out with Tyrus distracting Konley while on the top rope. Drake hits a superplex and then Blunt Force Trauma for the pinfall.

2.) Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews begin arguing at the commentary table, bringing out Bruce Prichard. Prichard says management is forcing them to both pick a four man team and their teams will face off next week. 

3.) "Knockouts #1 Contender Gauntlet Battle Royal": The final four come down to MJ Jenkins, Brandi Rhodes, ODB and Madison Rayne. Brandi and ODB  team up and eliminate MJ. Madison attacks Brandi from behind and eliminates her. Madison attacks ODB and takes over on offense. ODB fires back and hits the TKO to score the pinfall and become the new #1 Contender.

4.) James Storm Promo: Storm talks about his son wearing his cowboy hat and how proud he is of him. Storm promises to win back the Impact World Championship because that was Impact's highest rated period when he held the title. The DCC hit the ring and mock Storm for turning his back on them and going back to his stupid cowboy gimmick. Bram and Kingston demand to know what happened to Storm's promise that The DCC was taking over Impact. Kingston says he doesn't care about Storm's bastard son. Storm reminds Kingston that he got him a job and they agreed that Storm would go after the World title, while Bram and Kingston went after the tag team titles. Kingston says that it's always been what's best for Storm and then spits in Storm's face. Storm lays out Kingston with a Last Call. Bram fakes an alliance with Storm, then swings a steel chair at him. Storm ducks and lays out Bram with the Last Call. 

5.) Shane Helms and Trevor Lee inform Andrew Everett that he has to win a Triple Threat Match tonight if he wants a future Impact X-Division Championship Match.

6.) "Triple Threat Match": Andrew Everett vs. Suicide vs. Marshe Rockett: The match closes out with Suicide getting a near fall crucifix cradle. Rockett hits a gord buster on Suicide, as Everett gets back to his feet. Everett unloads on both opponents with kicks. Everett goes to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star Press on Rockett to score the pinfall.

7.) "Last Man Standing Match": Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards: The match closes out with Edwards hitting the double foot stomp on Richards, but refuses to let the referee count out Richards, just so Edwards can continue the beat down. Angelina Love hits the ring as does Alicia Edwards. Alicia spears Angelina and they brawl out to the floor, where Alicia whips Angelina with her belt. Angelina grabs the belt, chokes Alicia with it and then tosses Alicia into the barricade. Edwards and Richards swing steel chairs at each other, connect and knock each other out. Angelina grabs Edwards and holds him in a seated position, as Richards comes to and wraps a steel chain around his own leg. Richards suddenly has second thoughts on finishing off Edwards. Angelina kisses Richards and tells him to do it for her. Richards delivers the chain wrapped leg kick right to Edwards' head, knocking Edwards out cold. The referee counts out Edwards and Richards is victorious.

8.) Alberto El Patron vs. John Boland: The match closes out with El Patron making quick work of Boland and hits the double foot stomp for the pinfall.

9.) Karen Jarrett breaks up what was almost a brawl between Allie, Sienna, Braxton Sutter and KM backstage. Karen announces they will all battle in a Mixed Tag Team Match next week.

10.) Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews Pick Their Teams: Bruce Prichard meets JB and Mathews in the ring. Mathews won the coin toss so Mathews chooses Bobby Lashley first. Lashley comes to the ring and is given a GOAT shirt by Mathews because Mathews says his team will be the greatest of all time. JB is up and picks Alberto El Patron. Mathews picks Bram, who is also given a GOAT shirt. JB picks the newly signed to Impact Chris Adonis (Chris Masters from WWE). Mathews' third pick goes to Eli Drake. Mathews then announces Tyrus as his fourth and Team Mathews 4 on 2 attacks Team JB. JB announces Matt Morgan as his third pick. Morgan hits the ring and cleans house on Team Mathews. Team Mathews regains control as a limo pulls into the parking garage.

JB announces Magnus as his fourth pick. Magnus gets out of the limo, hits the ring and cleans house with JB's team standing tall.

- Aron Rex Released: Impact Wrestling announced this week that they have parted ways with Aron Rex. Rex has stated that he may be looking at retirement from professional wrestling.

- DJ Z Injured: Impact Wrestling announced that DJ Z (Michael Paris) was seriously injured while wrestling a match in Mexico in the Crash Promotion. DJ Z took a 450 Splash from his opponent and was left not being able to move. Reports stated later that DJ Z suffered a fractured colon and internal bleeding and was immediately taken to the ER.


** ROH TV Recap **
This week's main event saw ROH Television Champion Marty Scurll defend his title against Kenny King.

1.) Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Ray Rowe: The match closes out with Smith dodging Rowe's shotgun knees and hits a Saito Suplex for a near fall. Smith gets a near fall sit down power bomb and applies a knee bar submission on Rowe. Rowe escapes, unloads a knee and nails Dead Rowe for the pinfall.

2.) "Top Prospect Tournament Match": Josh Woods vs. Brian Milonas: The match closes out with Milonas blocking a springboard and hits a lariat and a fall back splash for a near fall. Woods dodges a charge and hits a german on Milonas. Woods applies an Ankle Lock and gets the tap out win, advancing in the tournament. 

3.) "ROH Television Championship Match": Marty Scurll (c) vs. Kenny King: Kazarian was on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Scurll going for the chicken wing submission, but King escapes and sends Scurll to the floor. King hits a suicide plancha on Scurll and then spears Scurll right through the barricade. Back in the ring, King gets a near fall Blockbuster. Scurll breaks one of King's fingers and then gets the tap out win with the chicken wing submission, to retain the title.

** Supercard of Honor 11 Recap **
ROH Television Champion Marty Scurll put his title on the line against former ROH World Champion Adam Cole. ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels put his title on the line against the flamboyant Dalton Castle. ROH World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardy's put their tag titles on the line against The Young Bucks in a Ladder Match.

1.) "ROH Television Championship Match": Marty Scurll (c) vs. Adam Cole: The match closes out with Cole hitting the package piledriver, but Scurll kicks out at two and a half. Scurll uses his umbrella on Cole and gets a near fall piledriver. Cole tries for two straight Tombstone Piledrivers, but Scurll escapes the second and snaps Cole's fingers. Scurll hits a gotch piledriver and then makes Cole tap out to the chicken wing submission, to retain the title.

2.) Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser vs. The Kingdom: The match closes out with Bruiser and Taven both landing frog splashes on their opponents and both kick out at two and a half. Bruiser charges and wipes out Taven with a corner cannonball. Vinny Marseglia, with a cigar in his mouth, tries to put it out on Young. Young blocks the cigar and hits Misery on Marseglia. Young covers while smoking the cigar and scores the pinfall.

3.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": Bully Ray and The Briscoes vs. Guerillas of Destiny and Hangman Adam Page: The match closes out with Page hitting the shooting star shoulder block. Bully and The Briscoes unload on the heels. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device and then lay out Roa with an assisted 3D for the pinfall.

4.) "Texas Bullrope Match": Cody Rhodes vs. Jay Lethal: The match closes out with Cody applying the figure four leglock submission. Lethal smacks Cody in the face with the cowbell to escape. Lethal goes to the top rope, but gets shoved off by Cody and through a table outside. Cody hits the Crossroads, but Lethal kicks out at two and a half. Lethal counters a superplex, drops Cody and goes for the flying elbow. Cody blocks the elbow by hitting Lethal with the cowbell on his landing. Cody goes for Beautiful Disaster, but Lethal counters with a cutter and then a Lethal Injection for the pinfall. After the match, Cody hands Lethal the bullrope as a sign of respect. 

5.) Bobby Fish Promo: Fish says he's not done in ROH yet, he has a list of guys he wants to battle and one of them is Jay Lethal. Silas Young interrupts and says he's sick of hearing about Jay Lethal and Fish's excuses. Fish challenges Young and we get an impromptu match.

6.) Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young: The match closes out with both men brawling. Fish accidentally takes out the referee, injuring the referee's leg. Young shoves down the second referee when he enters the ring and gets the DQ. After the match, Fish spears Young out of the ring. Young comes back and spinebusts Fish on top of two steel chairs. ROH officials finally separate both men.

7.) Volador Jr. and Will Ospreay vs. Dragon Lee and Jay White: The match closes out with Lee drop kicking Ospreay and then double stomps Volador. Ospreay hits a Shooting Star Press to the floor and takes out Lee. Volador hits a top rope hurricanrana on White and scores the pinfall.

8.) "ROH World Championship Match": Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Dalton Castle: The match closes out with Daniels going for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Castle follows that with a near fall german suplex. Daniels applies a Koji Clutch submission on Castle, but Castle powers out and trade reversals. Daniels plants a kick on Castle and gets a surprise rollup pinfall to retain the title. After the match, Cody Rhodes hits the ring and beats down both Daniels and Castle. Cody lays Daniels out with Crossroads and grabs Daniels' title. Kazarian hits the ring and chases off Cody.

9.) "ROH World Tag Team Championship, Ladder Match": The Broken Hardys (c) vs. The Young Bucks: The match closes out with Matt  hitting a Twist of Fate on Nick and then shoves Matt Jackson off the ladder and through a pile of tables outside. Matt Hardy gets tossed into a table, as does Jeff Hardy. Matt comes back and hits the Side Effect on Nick outside. All four men begin climbing ladders, reaching for the titles, all four trade punches while climbing. Both Hardys eat super kicks and fall off their ladders. Matt and Nick Jackson grab the titles and become the new champions. After the match, Matt Hardy praises The Young Bucks as one of the greatest tag teams he's ever faced. The Hardy's and Bucks shake hands and hug to end the show.

- New Signee: Ring of Honor announced that they have signed Jonathan Gresham to a full time contract with the company. Gresham first appeared in the 2011 Top Prospect Tournament and went on to work with ROH on a freelance basis, until this signing.

*** EVOLVE ***

** EVOLVE 80 Recap **
The main event of the evening saw EVOLVE World Champion Zack Sabre Jr defend his title against ACH.

1.) Drew Galloway vs. Matt Riddle: The match closes out with Galloway hitting a piledriver through a table on Riddle and gets a near fall. Galloway hits the Future Shock DDT and then a stuff piledriver to finally score the pinfall. After the match, Galloway looks to continue the assault on Riddle, but Catch Point hits the ring to make the save.

2.) Timothy Thatcher vs. Chris Dickinson: The match closes out with Thatcher and Dickinson trading shots. Dickinson lands an enziguri on Thatcher, but eats a kick in return. Thatcher applies the sleeper and turns that into a chokehold on Dickinson for the tap out win.

3.) "Triple Threat Match": Jaka vs. Jason Kincaid vs. Lio Rush: The match closes out with all three men brawling. Rush hits Rush Hour and then dives onto Jaka. Rush goes to the top rope, hits the frog splash and scores the pinfall.

4.) The Gatekeepers vs. Johnny and Jimmy BootsNTights: The Gatekeepers squash Johnny and Jimmy in two minutes and score the pinfall with a Doomsday Device variation.

5.) Ethan Page vs. Austin Theory: The match closes out with Page hitting a clothesline and the RKEGO for a near fall. Theory unloads forearms, but eats a kick from Page. Page connects with a bicycle kick and then the Spinning Dwayne to score the pinfall. After the match, Pricilla Kelly shows up with a group of men carrying a body in a body bag. Page and The Gatekeepers lay out all the men and demands the body bag be opened. Darby Allin pops out of the body bag with a lead pipe and unloads on Page and The Gatekeepers, cleaning house. We get a Page vs. Allin match announced for EVOLVE 81.

6.) Keith Lee vs. Ricochet: The match closes out with Lee missing a moonsault and Ricochet hitting a springboard 450 for a near fall. Ricochet hits a Shooting Star Press, but Lee again kicks out. Ricochet tries another Shooting Star Press, but Lee unloads kicks. Ricochet takes control and this time hits a 630 off the top rope and scores the pinfall.

7.) "EVOLVE World Tag Team Championship Match": Tracy Williams and Fred Yehi (c) vs. Michael Elgin and Donovan Dijak: The match closes out with Williams getting a Buckle Bomb and Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes. Yehi makes the save and drops Elgin with the Destroyer. Dijak gets a 2 on 1 beat down and then power bombed for a near fall. Williams traps Dijak in a crossface submission, but Dijak powers out. Yehi takes out Dijak's legs and Williams reapplies the crossface submission securing the tap out win, to retain the titles.

8.) "EVOLVE World Championship Match": Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. ACH: The match closes out with ACH unloading slaps on Sabre. Sabre fires back with uppercuts and then locks in a guillotine submission. ACH escapes so Sabre hits the PK. ACH rebounds with a lariat and a brain buster for a near fall. ACH goes for the 450 Splash, but Sabre catches him on the landing, applies a triangle submission into the arm bar submission and makes ACH tap out to retain the title. After the match, Michael Elgin asks for his match with Sabre at EVOLVE 81 to be for the title. Sabre accepts and ends up getting laid out by Elgin to end the show.

** EVOLVE 81 Recap **
EVOLVE continued it's Wrestlemania weekend shows with EVOLVE 81. EVOLVE World Champion Zack Sabre Jr defended his title against Michael Elgin. Tonight's main event saw Darby Allin battle "All Ego" Ethan Page in an Anything Goes Match.

1.) "EVOLVE World Championship Match": Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Michael Elgin: Zack Sabre Jr hits the ring and demands the title match to happen now so he can get his hands on Elgin after what he did at the end of EVOLVE 80. The match closes out with Elgin hitting a deadlift avalanche falcon arrow on Sabre for a near fall. Elgin destroys Sabre with a rolling elbow, a spinning back fist and then a Buckle Bomb. Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Sabre somehow escapes and steals a bridged pinfall for the victory, to retain the title.

2.) After the match, Lio Rush confronts Zack Sabre Jr. and asks for an Evolve World Championship title shot next month. Sabre accepts the challenge which brings out Drew Galloway. Galloway says you just don't demand and hand out title shots, you earn them. Galloway then tells Rush that he needs to worry about his match with Galloway right now and not future title shots. Sabre interrupts, says he respects Galloway, but no one cares about what he's done in the business.

3.) Drew Galloway vs. Lio Rush: The match closes out with Galloway in control and talking trash. Rush catches Galloway out of nowhere with a DDT and an elbow drop for a near fall. Galloway counters a Rush charge and plants a headbutt on Rush. Galloway drills Rush with the Future Shock and scores the pinfall.

4.) Donovan Dijak vs. Keith Lee: The match closes out with Lee somehow kicking out of Feast Your Eyes. Lee rolls to the floor, catches Dijak on a suicide dive attempt and drills him into the apron with the apron power bomb. Back in the ring, Lee hits a top rope moonsault on Dijak for a near fall. Lee yells at Dijak to stay down and goes for a chokeslam. Dijak counters out, but Lee counters Dijak's next move and hits the Spirit Bomb for the pinfall.

5.) Stokely Hathaway Promo: Stokely fires Joanna Rose, claims that he's the reason Triple H hired TJ Perkins in WWE and tells everyone he's about to change wrestling forever. Stokely then offers former ROH wrestler Kyle O'Reilly the opportunity to join Stokely's stable.

6.) ACH vs. Timothy Thatcher: The match closes out with ACH connecting with the apron Penalty Kick and then takes Thatcher out with a fireman's carry neck breaker. Thatcher applies a sleeper, but ACH makes the rope break. Thatcher hits a butterfly suplex and reapplies the sleeper. ACH again escapes and hits the Buster Call on Thatcher to score the pinfall. After the match, Thatcher demands Stokely Hathaway to get him in a WWN Championship Match or else he's firing Hathaway from being his client. 

7.) "Six Man Tag Team Match": Austin Theory, Jason Kincaid and Sammy Guevara vs. Catch Point (Chris Dickinson, Jaka, and "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams): The match closes out with Theory hitting a standing Shooting Star Press, but Williams breaks up the pinfall. Williams and Kincaid end up in the corner where Kincaid chops Williams down and Guevara stomps on Dickinson. A diving stomp on Williams and a Shooting Star Press on Dickinson hit next, but Catch Point somehow hangs on. Dickinson and Jaka hit the Doomsday Device Chokeslam combo on Guevara and score the pinfall.

8.) Fred Yehi vs. Matt Riddle: The match closes out with Yehi hitting a rolling elbow and a near fall power bomb. Yehi with forearms, stomps and a snap german suplex. Riddle counters a Tombstone with his own and Yehi kicks out at one. Riddle with a second Tombstone and gets a near fall this time. Riddle applies the Bromission submission, but Yehi counters it into the Koji Clutch submission. Riddle can't escape and ends up tapping out.

9.) "Anything Goes Match": Darby Allin vs. "All Ego" Ethan Page (Anything Goes Match): The match closes out with The Gatekeepers getting involved and helping Page send Allin off a ladder and through a couple tables outside. Page hits a Package Piledriver on top of steel chairs, but Allin kicks out at two and a half. Page and The Gatekeepers look to put Allin through another table, but Austin Theory makes the save. Theory low blows Blaster and dropkicks Flex and Page. Theory hits the Unproven Cutter on Blaster and then sentons onto The Gatekeepers. Allin climbs the bleachers with a trash can and dives off onto The Gatekeepers, taking them both out. Allin unloads trash can shots on Page and then lays Page on a table. Allin leaps off a ladder, splashes Page through the table and scores the pinfall to end the show.


*** PROGRESS ***

** PROGRESS: Orlando Recap **
The main event of the show saw PROGRESS World Champion Pete Dunne defend his title against Mark Haskins. WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate defended his title against Mark Andrews.

1.) Zack Sabre, Jr. defeated Jimmy Havoc.

2.) James Drake defeated Rockstar Spud.

3.) Jinny defeated Toni Storm.

4.) South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper and Travis Banks) defeated JML (Sami Callihan and Shane Strickland), by pinfall, with an assisted DDT on Strickland.

5.) "PROGRESS Atlas Division Championship Match": Matt Riddle (c) defeated Trent Seven, by submission with the Bromission, to retain the title.

6.) "WWE United Kingdom Championship Match": Tyler Bate (c) defeated Mark Andrews, by pinfall, with the Tyler Driver ‘97, to retain the title.

7.) "PROGRESS World Championship Match": Pete Dunne (c) defeated Mark Haskins, by submission, with a modified crossface, to retain the title.

** Mercury Rising Recap **
Mercury Rising was put on by both EVOLVE Wrestling and PROGRESS Wrestling. A new WWN World Champion was crowned in a Six Man Elimination Battle of Champions.

1.) "Fatal Four Way Match": Keith Lee defeated Austin Theory, Gatekeeper Blaster and Jason Kincaid. Lee hits Ground Zero on Blaster for the pinfall.

2.) "SHINE Women's Championship Match": LuFisto (c) defeated Toni Storm, by pinfall with the Burning Hammer, to retain the title.

3.) “All Ego” Ethan Page defeated Jimmy Havoc, by pinfall with the Spinning Dwayne.

4.) South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper and Travis Banks) defeated Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson and Jaka),by pinfall, with the assisted DDT on Dickinson.

5.) "PROGRESS World Championship Match": Pete Dunne (c) defeated ACH, by submission, to retain the title.

6.) "EVOLVE World Championship Match": Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) defeated Mark Haskins, by submission, with the Ode to Jim Breaks submission, to retain the title.

7.) "WWN World Championship, Six Way Battle of the Champions Elimination Match": Fred Yehi vs. Jon Davis vs. Matt Riddle vs. Parrow vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams:

** First Elimination: Timothy Thatcher eliminates Parrow by submission with a sleeper hold.

** Second Elimination: "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams eliminates Timothy Thatcher by submission with a crossface.

** Third Elimination: Catch Point eliminates Jon Davis with double submissions.

** Fourth Elimination: "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams eliminates Fred Yehi with a rollup.

** Final Elimination: Matt Riddle makes "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams tap out to the Bromission submission, to win the WWN World Championship.

*** SHIMMER ***

** SHIMMER 91 Recap **
The main event of the show saw SHIMMER World Champion Mercedes Martinez battle Candice LaRae with her title on the line.

1.) Cherry Bomb vs. Alex Windsor: The match closes out with Alex connecting on a top rope clothesline. Cherry kicks Alex away and connects with a series of knees. Alex plants Cherry with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Alex goes up top, but gets cut off by Cherry. Cherry connects with a super kick and scores the pinfall.

2.) "Fatal Four Way Match": Veda Scott vs. Samantha Heights vs. Nevaeh vs. Britt Baker: The match closes out with Britt hitting running knees on Veda and follows that with Diamond Dust and a face wash. Navaeh tosses Britt to the floor where they brawl. Back in the ring, Navaeh hits a Tombstone on Samantha. Britt sneaks up behind Veda and gets the rollup pinfall.

3.) Leva Bates vs. LuFisto: The match closes out with both ladies trading strikes on the top rope. Leva hits a double stomp and gets a near fall. Both ladies trade offense and battle to the top rope again. LuFisto hits the Burning Hammer on Leva and scores the pinfall. After the match, LaFisto continued to assault Leva until Solo Darling made the save.

4.) Shayna Baszler vs. Santana Garrett: The match closes out with Shayna locking in a Boston Crab submission on Santana. Santana escapes, hits a running boot, but misses a moonsault attempt. Shayna goes for a suplex, Santana counters, but Shayna traps Santana in a rear naked choke submission, getting the tap out win.

5.) Jessicka Havok vs. Cat Power: The match closes out with Jessicka unloading boots on Cat and follows that with punches, kicks and a face wash. Kat gets a near fall Side Effect. Jessicka unloads with elbows and then nails Cat with the Air Raid Crash to score the pinfall.

6.) Shotzi Blackheart vs. Nicole Matthews: The match closes out with Shotzi locking in a Cloverleaf submission, but Nicole is able to reach the ropes for the break. Nicole hits a lariat and a brain buster for a near fall. Shotzi counters the Vancouver Maneuver, but misses a Senton off the top rope. Nicole hits the Vancouver Maneuver and scores the pinfall.

7.) "SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Match": Vanessa Kraven and Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Mia Yim and Kay Lee Ray: The match closes out with Vanessa getting tossed into Tessa for a near fall. Mia and Kay hit a german on Vanessa for a near fall. Kay misses a Senton attempt, as Tessa pulls Mia outside. Tessa lands a title shot on Kay without the referee seeing it, allowing Vanessa to score the pinfall and retain the titles.

8.) Sexy Star Dulce Garcia vs. Kellyanne: The match closes out with Sexy hitting a suplex on Kellyanne. Sexy gets cut off going to the top rope, allowing Kellyanne to hit a Backpack Stunner for a near fall. Kellyanne misses a cannonball, which allows Sexy to hit a double stomp and the rolling suplexes to score the pinfall.

9.) "SHIMMER World Championship Match": Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Candice LeRae: The match closes out with Candice countering the Fisherman's Buster and getting a near fall rollup. Candice walks the ropes and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Both ladies battle onto the top rope where Candice hits the Vag-Plex and gets a near fall. Mercedes catches Candice on a springboard, hits the Saito Suplex and then the Fisherman's Buster to score the pinfall and retain the title.

*** DDT Pro Wrestling ***

- Brandi Rhodes Wins Gold: This past week, Brandi Rhodes won her first title since becoming a professional wrestler. Rhodes defeated Joey Ryan to win the DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. Brandi also took a thumb tack bump in the match. You can check out her victory here:

And that's this week's W3C! Join me every Sunday afternoon as I bring you news, recaps and rumors all around the wrestling world!

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