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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon Presents.... Wrestling Q&A 2/9/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you Wrestling Q&A.

Wrestling Q&A is my way of getting into social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, or any other means of communication to hear other fans' wrestling ideas on how they would book a match or an angle. I am currently apart of a few different wrestling groups on Facebook where we talk about nothing but wrestling and of course I am vocal on Twitter. My idea basically is to fire a question into the groups on Facebook or onto Twitter and sit back and read what other fans would do and of course with this article that you're reading I will share hopefully some interesting and I'm sure off the wall answers, but that's what makes social media great! So let's get to this week's question.

** Question Of The Week **

"What was your favorite Elimination Chamber moment?"

** Answers **

- The first ever elimination chamber match. One of the few times Shawn Michaels' hair was short lol

- The ECW Elimination Chamber Match. I wish they had more elimination chamber matches where they enter with weapons.

- The 2002 and 2003 Elimination Chamber matches.

- The night John Cena retained the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber only to lose the Championship to The Rated R Superstar EDGE!

- When Santino almost won the title.

- HBK returning and winning the title in the chamber.

- Edge winning the 2011 Chamber match.

- When hbk attacked the undertaker.

- Taker reverse choke slam on MVP off the chamber pod it was brutal.

- The 1st one, with HBK winning the WHC.

- Being there for the first one and watching my two favorites Jericho and triple h team up in it for a bit. Also the ending sequence to the smackdown one 2009 triple h vs taker

- Evolution destroying GOLDBERG!!!!

- Taker and Batista flipping over the ropes into a Taker tombstone.

- Goldberg killing everyone.

- Goldberg slipping on his entrance.

- Edge taking Kofi's spot in the second chamber match and winning the world championship after losing the wwe title earlier in the night.

- Goldberg spearing & jackhammer slamming everyone with a heartbeat in summerslam 2003

- John Morrison doing his Spider-Man impersonation.

** My Top 3 Favorite Moments **

1.) Shawn Michaels wins the World Heavyweight Championship in the debut Elimination Chamber Match: What a moment it was for Shawn Michaels back in 2002. After being retired for 4 years due to a back injury, Michaels made his return to the WWE at 100%. Michaels lasted to the very end of the Chamber match with his real life best friend Triple H, countered the Pedigree and scored Sweet Chin Music to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Michaels would go on to entertain us for 7 more years until finally being able to retire on his own terms.

2.) Shawn Michaels again makes my list at number two, but this time it was what he did during the match that he wasn't even in. The final two superstars came down to Chris Jericho and The Undertaker with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Just as it looked like Taker was about to retain his title, Shawn Michaels popped out one of the outside steel grates and climbed into the chamber from below. Michaels would go on to hit Sweet Chin Music on Taker and help Chris Jericho score the pinfall to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Michaels did it because Taker refused to give him a match at Wrestlemania of that year. After costing Undertaker the title, Michaels got his match.

3. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both survive their 2012 EC matches and go on to Wrestlemania 28: It's hard to believe that at one time in the WWE, two independent wrestling icons Daniel Bryan and CM Punk both held the top two titles in the company, the WWE World Title and the World Heavyweight Championship. Another favorite moment of mine was when both Bryan and Punk were forced to defend their titles in Elimination Chamber Matches. Both men entered the chamber and both men walked out still holding their world titles.

- Honorable Mentions #1: Edge losing the WWE World Title in the first Elimination Chamber Match of the night and then attack Kofi Kingston, enter the second Elimination Chamber Match in Kofi's spot and winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

- Honorable Mentions #2: Edge cashing in Money In The Bank on John Cena after Cena survived the Elimination Chamber.

That wraps up my Wrestling Q&A session. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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