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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon Presents... Wrestling Q&A 2/5/17

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon brought to you by Triple Threat CLE brings you Wrestling Q&A.

Wrestling Q&A is my way of getting into social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, or any other means of communication to hear other fans' wrestling ideas on how they would book a match or an angle. I am currently apart of four different wrestling groups on Facebook where we talk about nothing but wrestling and of course I am vocal on Twitter. My idea basically is to fire a question into the groups on Facebook or onto Twitter and sit back and read what other fans would do and of course with this article that you're reading I will share hopefully some interesting and I'm sure off the wall answers, but that's what makes social media great! So let's get to this week's question.

** Question Of The Week **

"If Seth Rollins is injured and can't go for Wrestlemania 33, should Triple H wrestle someone else or take this year off?"

** Answers **

- Triple H vs. Shane McMahon "Loser Leaves WWE Match". Because Shane has been rumored to be leaving WWE for awhile.

- Shane wouldn't make much sense, but then again this entire HHH v. Seth feud hasn't made a ton of sense as it is. I guess he could wrestle Joe?

- Triple H should just be left off the card. No Seth, no match. He doesn't need to be at every WM. He's becoming like Taker, and it's bloody annoying.

- Should be Shane because they sort of have a decent storyline with Shane insulting Stephanie and the Family. Anyone else would not make sense and they would have to make an exciting storyline with very limited time.

- Depends on whether they're willing to gamble with Rollins. Early reports say he should be good days before WM, so the issue now becomes do they risk advertising a match they can't guarantee, or yeah, do something else.

- If Rollins is good by WM, I say you instead have Seth come out and we get a suprise match between the two, there's not enough time for the build they wanted now, so just give us another huge suprise at Wrestlemania and give us an unscheduled match.

- Finn could be a good stand in. Have HHH come out and taunt Rollins, only for Balor to come out. Wouldn't make much sense story wise, but would give Balor a good rub.

- I liked the idea of having HHH and Joe attack Shane-O-Mac on Smackdown and then have AJ save Shane, then you can do Styles vs Joe at Mania cross brand match, HHH's guy vs Shane's.

- Rollins but I know he's hurt, so I'd also like to see, AJ Styles give it a go.  How about Samoa Joe, too soon? I've got it how about Cesaro!!!!!

- Undertaker

- Kurt Angle

- Rematch with Sting

- Batista

- The Rock

- Goldberg

- Dean Ambrose

- I'd love to see Triple H vs Jericho vs Angle vs Cena.

- Daniel Bryan

- AJ Styles

- Stone Cold Steve Austin

- Lesnar

- The first ever creative control match between triple h and Seth Rollins. The winner must listen to the fans with the best reasonable story lines and follow through with them.

- Other than Seth no one I'm tired of seeing him there.

- Doink the Clown

- Nobody, he needs to worry about NXT.

- Four way elimination last man standing match. HHH, Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Leasner

- Maybe Samoa Joe(kind of flip the story line and have HHH attack him on Raw for messing up his Wrestlemania match with Rollins) of course gotta have some bad blood lead up to it, maybe a month and have Joe attack someone HHH is close with, like Kevin Owens

- I want Triple H to face RETIREMENT! HHH is way overrated and has only lasted this long because he is Stephanie Mcmahon's play toy. She don't even take her marriage to HHH serious enough to take his last name. Chances are her oldest child belongs to Macho Man.

- His own ego, that match would never end.

- CM Punk

- One of my dream matches Triple H vs. Bobby Roode they both have similar styles

** My Top 3 Favorite Answers **

- This is one of the reasons why I hate when WWE begins to build up a feud but wants to wait until Wrestlemania for the payoff. Granted accidents happen and it really sucks because it hurts the company and the fans. Example, I hated the idea of John Cena and The Rock agreeing to wrestle at Wrestlemania one year later because anything could've happened to ruin the match in that one year time frame.

1.) Now what would I do? First off I'm hoping Seth Rollins can come back in time. Rollins' estimated time on the DL is 8 weeks which would put him at the Wednesday before Wrestlemania. I really like the idea that was stated above about Rollins being cleared, he shows up at Wrestlemania and challenges Triple H to an impromptu match. Right now without anymore build up that might be the best way to go. 

2.) I like the Samoa Joe idea above as well. Some say it wouldn't make sense. All you do is have Joe demand something from Triple H for taking out Rollins, possibly a WWE Universal Championship Match. Triple H says no, which angers Joe and there you go take it from there and build to Wrestlemania. Joe could viciously attack Triple H for not getting what he should have coming to him and build from there.

3.) I like the Shane McMahon idea as well. Possibly make it a battle for control of WWE, or winner gets Smackdown Live, or winner gets NXT, or winner leaves WWE, or just a family feud. There are so many ideas they could run with if Triple H battles Shane McMahon. Sadly if they went with the loser leaves WWE idea, Shane would definitely lose because Shane has stated that he won't be in WWE forever.

So there you go, that about wraps up my Wrestling Q&A session. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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