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WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Recap #WWE #HIAC

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you last night's Hell In A Cell pay per view recap. Hell In A Cell was live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The event was live on WWE Network for only $9.99 and was stacked with two Hell In A Cell matches, a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, John Cena's WWE United States Championship Open Challenge Match, a WWE Intercontinental Championship Match, a WWE World Tag Team Championship Match and so much more.

*** Pre Show ***

- Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville defeated Rusev, King Barrett and Sheamus, by pinfall, in a Six Man Tag Team Match: Stardust and The Ascension were present and in the audience to mock Cesaro and Neville, much like they have been for the past few weeks. The match closes out with Cesaro unloading european upper cuts and landing a boot to Barrett. Cesaro gets a cross body near fall on Barrett. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing, but Rusev steps in and stops it. Cesaro plants Rusev with a back body drop and Rusev goes to the floor. Neville hits a suicide dive to the outside and takes out Rusev. Ziggler plants a super kick on Barrett, setting Barrett up for Cesaro who Cesaro Swings Barrett. Neville is tagged in, goes to the top rope, hits Red Arrow, covers and scores the pinfall.

*** Hell In A Cell ***

- John Cena kicks off Hell In A Cell with the WWE United States Championship Open Challenge Match. Who would answer the challenge???: Zeb Colter interrupts Cena, riding a scooter, asks if Cena is his real name, calls Cena a polarizing character, because some love Cena and some hate him. Colter says it's time for people from all different countries to come together and it's time for someone to take the WWE United States Championship that'll do more with it then Cena. Colter introduces...........Alberto Del Rio!!

- Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena, by pinfall, to win the WWE United States Championship: The match closes out with Rio going for the cross armbreaker submission, but Cena counters with a clothesline. Cena and Rio trade punches back and forth, until Cena hits Super Cena mode. Cena lands two shoulder tackles, hits the blue thunder bomb and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena sets Rio up for the AA, but Rio comes back and lands a backstabber on Cena. Rio measures up Cena and connects with a kick to Cena's head. Rio covers Cena and scores the pinfall, winning the WWE United States Championship. After the match, a very happy Alberto Del Rio shakes Zeb Colter's hand and celebrates.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins brags about his accomplishments. Corporate Kane arrives and apologizes to The Authority. Rollins tells Kane to just stop, cause everyone knows Corporate and Demon Kane are the same person. Triple H says Kane isn't welcome. Rollins says Kane won't be welcome on RAW either when he's no longer the Director of Operations. Kane wishes Rollins luck and walks off.

- Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt, by pinfall, in a Hell In A Cell Match: The match closes out with Reigns spearing Bray off the apron and both men go through a table outside. Reigns gets a near fall, measures Bray for another spear, but Bray counters with a boot and hits Sister Abigail on Reigns, for a near fall of his own. Bray laughs and unloads kendo stick shots on Reigns. Bray wedges kendo sticks in the corner and sends Reigns into the corner. Reigns counters and unloads his own kendo stick shots on Bray. Bray gets sent into the corner wedged kendo sticks and then eats a Reigns spear. Reigns covers and scores the pinfall.

- The New Day Promo: Big E and Kofi Kingston are with Xavier Woods' trombone, but no Woods. Kofi thanks the WWE Universe for their support for Woods on social media. Big E says it's a sad day, as sad as what the Lakers have become. Big E and Kofi dedicate this match to their fallen brother.

- The New Day defeated The Dudley Boys, by pinfall, to retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship: The match closes out with Kofi grabbing the trombone, tosses to Bubba and then falls on the canvas, making the referee think Bubba used it as a weapon (The old Eddie Guerrero trick). The referee tries to investigate asking both Bubba and Kofi what happened. Bubba denies hitting Kofi and Kofi says Bubba hit him. The referee goes to call a DQ, but sees Kofi laughing and questions Kofi again. Bubba busts the trombone and he and Devon drop Kofi with a belly to back/neck breaker combo. The Dudleys go for 3D, but Big E hits Bubba with what's left of the trombone. Devon and Big E brawl as Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise and scores the pinfall, to retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

- Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella, by submission, to retain the WWE Divas Championship: The match closes out with Charlotte hitting a spear on Nikki and going for the Figure Four Leglock submission. Charlotte goes for the bridge to make it a Figure Eight, but Nikki reverses the submission and reaches the ropes for a rope break. Nikki tosses Charlotte to the floor and follows. Nikki hits an Alabama Slam on Charlotte, bouncing her off the apron. Back in the ring, Nikki sets Charlotte up for the Rack Attack. Charlotte escapes, takes out Nikki and applies the Figure Four Leglock submission. Charlotte bridges into a Figure Eight, applies the pressure and forces Nikki to tap out. After the match, Charlotte celebrates retaining the WWE Divas Championship with Becky Lynch and Paige. During the celebration Paige tries to get all of Charlotte's attention.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose congratulates Roman Reigns for finally defeating Bray Wyatt. Ambrose and Reigns decide to celebrate.

- Seth Rollins defeated Demon Kane, by pinfall, to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Kane also loses his Director of Operations Position: The match closes out with Kane and Rollins fighting on the announcers table. Kane goes to choke slam Rollins through the announcers table, but Rollins counters and power bombs Kane through the table. Back in the ring, Rollins goes for the Pedigree, but Kane back body drops Rollins onto the apron. Rollins hits an enzuigiri and a springboard knee to Kane's head. Rollins hits a second knee, plants two super kicks, putting Kane down and then hits a frog splash on Kane for a near fall. Kane is back on offense and goes for the choke slam on Rollins. Rollins counters out, hits the Pedigree, covers and scores the pinfall, to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

- Kevin Owens defeated Ryback, by pinfall, to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship: The match closes out with Ryback getting pulled off the top rope by Owens. Owens hits a super kick that sends Ryback to the floor and into the barricade. Owens drop toe holds Ryback into the ropes and gets a near fall rollup. Owens goes for the pop up power bomb, but Ryback counters and hits the Meat Hook on Owens. Ryback lifts Owens up for the Shell Shock, but Owens grabs the ropes for the block. Ryback unloads on Owens with punches while in the ropes and gets warned by the referee to knock it off. Owens hits the pop up power bomb on Ryback, covers and scores the pinfall, to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

- Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker, by pinfall, in a Hell In A Cell Match: While outside, Taker sends Lesnar into the ring post and busts the beast's forehead wide open. Taker worked over the wound, forcing the referee to stop the match at one point to check on Lesnar. The match closes out with Taker locking in the Hell's Gate submission on Lesnar. Lesnar fights out of the submission and unloads UFC style punches on Taker. Lesnar rips up the canvas inside the ring, exposing the boards under the mat.
Taker sits up, grabs Lesnar and choke slams Lesnar on the boards. Taker lands the Tombstone piledriver on Lesnar right on the boards and gets a near fall. Lesnar gets up, lands a low blow on Taker and plants Taker with an F-5 right on the boards. Lesnar covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Taker sits up and goes to pose even though he lost. The lights suddenly go out and The Wyatt Family graphic hits the titantron. The lights are back on and we see Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan and Braun Strowman all eyeing Taker. Harper, Rowan and Strowman go after Taker, but Taker starts swinging, fighting off the Wyatts. The Wyatts finally gain control and four on one beat down Taker. The Wyatts all beat Taker with kicks, knees, forearms and punches. Bray mocks Taker and orders his family to carry Taker to the backstage area to end the show.

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