Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 10.15.15: #TNA Impact Wrestling

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Some highlights to this weeks show included: The TNA World Title Series continued, as TNA looks to crown a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

- Robbie E Promo: Robbie E says everyone wants to be like him, even Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, who wants to now be called Robbie G. Robbie E challenges Robbie G to a match.

- Matt Hardy defeated Davey Richards, by pinfall: The match closes out with Hardy going for the Twist Of Fate, but Richards counters into Creeping Death, which Hardy counters into another Twist Of Fate, but Richards again counters with a near fall back slide. Richards sits Hardy on the top rope and goes for the superplex. Hardy knocks Richards off, but eats a boot as Hardy leaped off toward Richards. Richards goes for the double stomp, but Hardy dodges it. Hardy gets back up and hits the Twist Of Fate, covers and scores the pinfall. Matt Hardy picks up 3 points for the pinfall.

- Kenny King defeated Aiden O'Shea, by pinfall: The match closes out with Aiden hitting a back breaker on King, but King follows up with a drop kick and a spin kick. Aiden rakes King's eyes and dumps King on the ring apron. Aiden charges, but King hits a springboard blockbuster, covers and scores the pinfall. Kenny King picks up 3 points for the pinfall.

- Eric Young Promo: EY says the World Title went through him in 2015, he controls fate, he's an original, a god of TNA and tonight he'll show the world how meaningless Abyss is.

- Group TNA Originals Give Their Predictions: Bobby Roode says Eric Young will be the least likely to advance in the TNA World Series cause he's unstable. EY says Roode made things personal. James Storm says Abyss will be least likely to advance cause Abyss can't even walk straight. Abyss says Storm promised a lot of stuff, but never fulfilled it and predicts Storm would be least likely to advance.

- Abyss defeated Eric Young, by pinfall: The match closes out with Abyss hitting a samoan drop, a series of clotheslines and a back body drop. Abyss goes for the choke slam, but EY counters by stomping on Abyss' foot. Abyss returns and lands the choke slam on the second attempt and gets a near fall. Abyss grabs "Janice", which referee Earl Hebner takes and throws out of the ring. EY lands a low blow and gets a near fall top rope elbow drop. EY goes for the piledriver, but Abyss counters with a back body drop. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam, covers and scores the pinfall. Abyss picks up 3 points for the pinfall.

- Ethan Carter Promo: EC3 says Bound For Glory was a travesty, he was screwed out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA World Series should not be happening and the TNA World Series will not end until EC3 is the rightful TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

- Robbie E defeated Eddie Edwards, by pinfall: The match closes out with Robbie E hitting the Boom Drop for a near fall. Edwards gets a near fall after dropping Robbie E and follows that up and applies a single leg submission. Edwards lands an enziguri, but Robbie E comes back and plants Edwards with a reverse DDT. Robbie E covers and scores the pinfall. Robbie E picks up 3 points for the pinfall.

- Bobby Roode Promo: Roode says he's the TNA King of the Mountain Champion, all four guys in his group helped make TNA, it's going to come down to who wants it more and that will be Bobby Roode.

- Group Future Four Give Their Predictions: Eli Drake says you only need to worry about him winning. Jesse Godderz says he doesn't like Drake. Crimson says Drake is pissing him off. Micah says he and Crimson will advance to the next round and Crimson agrees.

- Mahabali Shera defeated Crazy Steve, by pinfall: The match closes out with Steve tossing Shera into the corner. Shera takes advantage and makes quick work of Steve. Shera with the Sky High, the cover and the pinfall. Mahabali Shera picks up 3 points for the pinfall.

- Bobby Roode defeated James Storm, by pinfall: The match closes out with Roode going for the Roode Bomb, but Storm counters with a Code Breaker and a Back Stabber for a near fall. Storm grabs a steel chair and the referee immediately takes it away. While the referee is distracted, Storm hits Roode with his cow bell and gets a near fall. Storm goes for the Last Call super kick, but Roode dodges it. Storm goes for Eye Of The Storm, but Roode counters and hits the Fisherman Buster to score the pinfall. Bobby Roode picks up 3 points for the pinfall. This closes out this weeks Impact show.

** TNA World Title Series Scoreboard **

- Group Champions: Bobby Lashley 3 Points, Austin Aries 1 Point, Ethan Carter 1 Point, Mr. Anderson 0 Points

- Group Knockouts: Awesome Kong 3 Points, Brooke Tessmacher 3 Points, Gail Kim 0 Points, Madison Rayne 0 Points

- Group United Kingdom: Drew Galloway 3 Points, Rockstar Spud 3 Points, Grado 0 Points, Bram 0 Points

- Group Wild Card: Kenny King 3 Points, Mahabli Shera 3 Points, Crazy Steve 0 Points, Aiden O’Shea 0 Points

- Group Tag Team Specialist: Matt Hardy 3 Points, Robbie E 3 Points, Eddie Edwards 0 Points, Davey Richards 0 Points

- Group TNA Originals: Abyss 3 Points, Bobby Roode 3 Points, James Storm 0 Points, Eric Young 0 Points

- Group Future Four: Jesse Godderz, Micah, Eli Drake and Crimson: Have yet to compete.

- Group X-Division: Tigre Uno, Manik, DJ Z and Mandrews: Have yet to compete.

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