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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon: 10.6.15: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 
- RAW was live this week in Boston, Massachusetts. Some highlights to this weeks show included: More build up as we move closer to WWE Hell In A Cell. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton got a Six Man Tag Team Match against the sadistic Wyatt Family. After a couple weeks of build up Nattie Neidhart finally goes one on one with Paige. Seth Rollins and Corporate Kane team up against The Dudley Boys. John Cena defends the WWE United States Championship in an Open Challenge, in the main event. All that and a lot more, let's get to the recap.

- You're Now Entering Suplex City: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kick off RAW with a promo. Heyman brags about Lesnar's win over Big Show at the MSG Show, it's now time to focus on Undertaker and Hell In A Cell. Heyman says Undertaker had a year to plot his revenge, but isn't dead man enough to get the job done. One man will leave Hell In A Cell and the other will be left broken, the winner will be............Big Show interrupts and makes his way to the ring. Show says he's going to be the bigger man and extends his hand for a hand shake to Lesnar. Lesnar just laughs and leaves the ring. Show says it must be nice to be arrogant and hopes Lesnar loses to the Undertaker. Lesnar now irritated, gets back in the ring and lays Show out with a belly to belly suplex followed by the F5.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins wants his tag match against the Dudley Boys called off, because Big Show was his partner and now Show got laid out. Stephanie McMahon says that Rollins is supposed to be the man so he needs to figure something out.

- Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton defeated The Wyatt Family, by pinfall, in a Six Man Tag Team Match: The match closes out with Orton going for the RKO, but gets pulled out of the ring by Braun Strowman. Reigns Superman Punches Bray on the floor and power bombs Luke Harper. Bray has Orton hooked for Sister Abigail, but Orton counters into the RKO, which Bray counters out of. Orton catches Harper with the RKO instead and Reigns follows with a huge spear on Harper. Reigns covers and scores the pinfall.

- Sheamus defeated Neville, by pinfall: King Barrett comes out to do commentary for this match. The match closes out with Barrett getting up from the table and distracting Neville. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Neville, covers and scores the pinfall.

- Corporate Kane Offers His Services To Seth Rollins: Corporate Kane is in the ring for a promo. Kane says he understands why Seth Rollins attacked him, would've done the same thing and offers to be Rollins' tag team partner tonight. Seth Rollins comes out and says there's no way in hell they're teaming up. Kane says he's going to help Rollins prove that he's the best and sometimes you have to go through hell to be proud of the man you see in the mirror. Stephanie McMahon interrupts and says this has gone too far, everyone knows Rollins reported Kane to HR. Stephanie announces that Seth Rollins will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Hell In A Cell against Demon Kane. If Kane loses then he will be released from his Corporate DOO job.

- Backstage, Seth Rollins is still complaining. Triple H tells Rollins to do onto others before they do onto you.

- Nattie Neidhart defeated Paige, by submission: The match closes out with Paige hitting the Paige Turner on Nattie for a near fall. Nattie puts Paige on the mat, hits a kick and gets a near fall. Nattie grabs Paige and locks her in the Sharpshooter submission. Paige fights it and makes it to the ropes for the break. Paige tries to come back, but Nattie pulls out another Sharpshooter submission and cinches it in tight. Paige has no choice but to tap out.

- Kevin Owens defeated Sin Cara, by pinfall: The match closes out with Kevin Owens talking trash to Kalisto, who's at ringside in Sin Cara's corner. Cara goes on a series of springboard attacks on Owens. Owens counters a springboard with a kick to the gut of Cara. Owens hits the pop up power bomb on Cara, covers and scores the pinfall. After the match, Owens attacks Kalisto on the floor and sets Kalisto up for the apron power bomb. Ryback hits the ring and makes the save, chasing off Owens.

- Backstage, The New Day interrupt Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie announces The New Day vs. The Dudley Boys for the WWE World Tag Team Championship at Hell In A Cell.

- The Dudley Boys defeated Seth Rollins and Corporate Kane, by DQ: Kane appears to have re-injured his leg and WWE Medical try to help Kane backstage. Seth Rollins handcuffs Kane to the ring post and blocks Kane's exit. The handcuffs break and Kane is finally helped backstage. The match closes out with the Dudleys hitting Whazz Up on Rollins and grab a table. Rollins drop kicks the table into the Dudleys and gets DQ'ed. After the match, Rollins grabs his WWE World Title and goes for the exit. Demon Kane's fire pyro explodes and out comes the demon. Kane attacks Rollins in the ring, however, gets laid out by the Dudleys and a 3D. Rollins sets up the table and yells at an unconscious Kane. Kane comes back to life and grabs Rollins by the throat. Rollins escapes and tries a Super Curb Stomp on Kane. Kane catches Rollins and choke slams Rollins through the table.

- Team BAD defeated Team Bella, by submission: Naomi dodges a charging Alicia and makes the tag to Sasha Banks. Sasha cleans house on Team Bella and Tamina joins in, super kicking Brie. Nikki drops Tamina, then gets dropped with a Naomi Rear View. Alicia is back in and hits a boot on Naomi. Alicia talks trash to Naomi and misses Sasha come back in and lock Alicia in the Bank Statement. Alicia taps out and Team BAD take the victory.

- Summer Rae Proposes To Rusev: Summer Rae is in the ring and calls out Rusev. Rusev comes out and Summer dedicates a video package on the titantron to the Bulgarian. Summer gets on one knee, proposes to Rusev and promises to take him farther then Lana did. Rusev agrees to marry Summer, but only if Summer helps Rusev win a WWE Title. Summer agrees and they both leave together.

- John Cena's WWE United States Championship Open Challenger Is???: Dolph Ziggler's music hits and it appears the "Showoff" will meet Cena tonight. The New Day, however, appear dragging Ziggler's unconscious body. The New Day announce that Big E will be taking the Open Challenge spot tonight.

- John Cena defeated Big E, by pinfall, to retain the WWE United States Championship: The match closes out with Cena following Big E to the floor where Big E tosses Cena into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Big E goes for the Big Ending, but Cena escapes and unloads on Big E. Cena counters a Big E slam, goes into Super Cena mode and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods try to interfere, but the referee stops them and ejects them from ringside. Meanwhile, Cena hits the AA on Big E, covers and scores the pinfall, to retain the WWE United States Championship.
After the match, The New Day beat down Cena when suddenly Dolph Ziggler wakes up from unconsciousness and tries to save Cena. Ziggler accidentally super kicks Cena and then Ziggler gets beat down by The New Day. The Dudley Boys hit the ring, but are soon over powered by The New Day. Kingston hits two Trouble In Paradises on Bubba and Big E and Woods hit the Big Ending double team finisher on Devon. RAW ends with The New Day standing tall and celebrating.

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