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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 3/7/17: RAW Chicago Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you the RAW Recap for the week.

This week RAW was live in Chicago, Illinois. WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho returns and demands an answer from Kevin Owens on why he turned on him. Kevin Owens battled Sami Zayn in a one on one match. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defended his title against Rich Swann. New WWE Universal Champion Goldberg arrives and gets a surprise guest confront him. WWE RAW World Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defended their titles against Enzo and Big Cass. Akira Tozawa battled Ariya Daivari in one on one Cruiserweight Division action. The New Day battled The Shining Stars in tag team action. Sasha Banks battled WWE RAW Women's Champion Bayley in a non title match for a chance to face Bayley and Charlotte at Wrestlemania 33. Triple H gives his opinion on Seth Rollins possibly showing up at Wrestlemania 33. WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho battled Samoa Joe in a one on one non title match. Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman meet face to face inside the ring to close the show.

** RAW **

- Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho congratulates Goldberg and says Kevin Owens had it coming after turning on Jericho 3 weeks ago. Jericho says he's still hurt by what Owens did, calls Owens out and demands answers. Owens appears on stage and says Jericho was never his friend, he used Jericho like a tool. Owens needed someone gullible enough to use and Jericho was the perfect tool. Owens says that after Jericho accepted Owens' match against Goldberg, that Owens never approved, that was the day Jericho out lasted his usefulness to Owens. Owens says that letting Jericho be able to walk away 3 weeks ago after attacking him is a mistake he won't make again. Jericho says the biggest mistake he made was trusting Owens. Jericho goes on to challenge Owens to a match at Wrestlemania 33. Owens says he'll do it, but only if Jericho puts his WWE United States Championship on the line. Jericho immediately accepts and dares Owens to not wait till Wrestlemania to fight. Owens hits the ring and begins brawling with Jericho. Samoa Joe suddenly hits the ring and joins Owens in beating down Jericho. Sami Zayn hits the ring with a steel chair and helps Jericho chase Owens and Joe from the ring.

- Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn: The match closes out with Zayn hitting a suicide dive on Owens and brings the action back into the ring. Owens plants Zayn with a Pop Up Power Bomb and then unloads punches on Zayn. Owens hits another Pop Up Power Bomb and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall.

- "WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match": Neville (c) vs. Rich Swann: The match closes out with Swann nailing a kick to Neville's head and goes to the top rope. Swann misses his Phoenix Splash and gets locked up in Neville's Rings of Saturn submission. Swann taps out and Neville retains his title.
Winner: Neville, by submission, to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

- Neville Interview: Austin Aries interviews Neville after his match in the ring. Neville says he's done exactly what he's said he'd do and has laid waste to everyone. Neville says there is no one on his level and Aries asks him if he's sure about that. The fans chant for Aries and Aries tells Neville it sounds like the fans disagree with Neville. Neville tells Aries that he can't be serious, Aries is not on Neville's level and then tells Aries to go sit back down at the announcers table before he rebreaks his orbital socket. Aries knocks out Neville with a punch and follows that with a discus elbow, chasing Neville from the ring.

- Backstage, Cesaro and Sheamus make fun of Enzo and Big Cass for choking at WWE Fastlane. Enzo makes fun of Cesaro for losing to Samoa Joe last week.

- Goldberg Promo: Goldberg says his WWE Universal Championship win was for the fans. The fans chant for "CM Punk" and then Paul Heyman interrupts. Heyman says he didn't come alone tonight and announces his client Brock Lesnar. Lesnar heads to the ring and goes face to face with Goldberg. Heyman says Lesnar is here to congratulate Goldberg and Lesnar knows how happy Goldberg feels right now. Heyman says Lesnar is even happier because now Lesnar will be the new WWE Universal Champion after Wrestlemania 33 and Goldberg will be considered Lesnar's bitch. Goldberg looks to make a move, but Lesnar grabs Goldberg and lays him out with an F5. Lesnar and Heyman leave as Goldberg tries to recover.

- "WWE RAW World Tag Team Championship Match": Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo and Big Cass: The match closes out with Cesaro and Sheamus heading out to ringside. Cass hits a splash and an Empire Elbow on Anderson. Enzo tosses Gallows to the floor, hits a suicide dive and sends Gallows into the barricade. Enzo spills Cesaro's coffee, making Cesaro angry. Cesaro chases Enzo into the ring and causes the referee to call a DQ. After the match all three teams brawl and ends with Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick on Enzo.
Winners: Enzo and Big Cass, by DQ, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson retain the WWE RAW World Tag Team Championship.

- Backstage, Mick Foley separates Enzo, Cass, Cesaro and Sheamus. Foley announces Enzo and Cass vs. Cesaro and Sheamus next week with the winners meeting Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at Wrestlemania 33. Stephanie McMahon appears and calls Foley into her office.

- Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari: The match closes out with Tozawa hitting the german suplex to score the pinfall on Daivari. After the match, Tozawa calls out Brian Kendrick, who arrives on the stage. Tozawa wants a match with Kendrick. Kendrick says he can't make any promises, but he'll let him know on 205 Live.
Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall.

- The New Day vs. The Shining Stars: The match closes out with The New Day putting away The Shining Stars with Midnight Hour.
Winners: The New Day, by pinfall.

- Bayley Promo: Mick Foley is in the ring with WWE RAW Women's Champion Bayley. Bayley says she asked Charlotte to leave Dana Brooke backstage at WWE Fastlane, which she did, but Sasha Banks interfered and helped Bayley. Sasha Banks interrupts and mentions that her and Bayley have always wanted to wrestle each other at a Wrestlemania. Charlotte and Dana Brooke interrupt and head to the ring. Charlotte says she was screwed at WWE Fastlane, but Foley doesn't care because all he cares about are his two favorites, Bayley and Sasha. Stephaine McMahon interrupts next and heads to the ring. The fans interrupt with CM Punk chants and get called losers just like Punk by Stephanie. Stephanie says the only one that deserves a match is Charlotte for getting screwed over at WWE Fastlane. Stephanie announces Bayley vs. Charlotte at Wrestlemania 33. Stephanie then agrees to a Bayley vs. Sasha match tonight, after Foley suggests it, and if Sasha wins she'll also be added to the Wrestlemania 33 match.

- Sasha Banks vs. Bayley: The match closes out with Sasha locking in the Banks Statement submission, but Bayley reaches the ropes. Sasha hits a Backstabber and reapplies the Banks Statement submission. Dana Brooke tries to distract the referee as Charlotte tries to interfere. Sasha kicks Charlotte off the apron, reapplies the Banks Statement submission and finally makes Bayley tap out. After the match, Charlotte attacks and beats down Sasha.
Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns says he'll meet Braun Strowman in the ring later if Strowman wants to try to finish what he started last night.

- We get a video of Seth Rollins' rehab and Rollins says he'll be at Wrestlemania 33.

- Triple H Interview: Triple H was live via satellite. Triple H says he hopes Seth Rollins listens to the experts and stays home. Triple H says it's pure stupidity when your doctor tells you not to do something, but you decide you're going to do it anyway. Triple H says Rollins has been lying for years, calling himself The Man. Triple H says if Seth Rollins shows up at Wrestlemania 33 to call out Triple H, it'll be the last thing Rollins ever does in his career.

- Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe: The match closes out with Jericho sending Joe to the floor. Jericho charges at Joe, but Joe counters and traps Jericho in the Coquina Clutch submission. Joe chokes Jericho out and wins the match by countout. After the match, Joe tries to attack Jericho, but Jericho hits a Code Breaker, sending Joe to the floor.
Winner: Samoa Joe, by Countout. 

- Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns Face To Face: Strowman is in the ring, says Reigns got lucky last night, he's here to rip him apart tonight and calls Reigns out. Reigns' music hits, but suddenly gets cut off by the gong and the arena lights going out. The Undertaker arrives and meets Strowman face to face in the ring, but Strowman leaves the ring and retreats. Undertaker turns to leave, but suddenly Roman Reigns' music hits again and out comes Reigns to the ring. Reigns says Strowman was calling him out, not Undertaker and with all due respect this is Reigns' yard now. Undertaker looks at the Wrestlemania banner and then choke slams Reigns to the mat. Undertaker heads to the back and raises his fist to end the show.

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