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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon 3/28/17: RAW Philadelphia Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE, brings you the RAW Recap for the week.

We are exactly 6 days away from the biggest event in sports entertainment, also known as the Super Bowl of Wrestling! This week's RAW served up the go home show to Wrestlemania 33!

This week's RAW was live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last week, Triple H dared Seth Rollins to show up tonight and sign a contract to face him at Wrestlemania 33 in an Unsanctioned Match. Did Seth Rollins show up and sign the contract? Brock Lesnar and WWE Universal Champion Goldberg met face to face one last time before their title match at Wrestlemania 33. All four ladies competing in the WWE RAW Women's Championship Elimination Match at Wrestlemania 33 met in tag team action, as WWE RAW Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks battled Charlotte and Nia Jax. Austin Aries battled Noam Dar in one on one Cruiserweight Division action. An Over The Top Rope Challenge took place as a little preview to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 33. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville battled Jack Gallagher in a one on one non title match. Roman Reigns gives his final thoughts before battling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. WWE RAW World Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson battled Enzo and Big Cass in a non title match. Sami Zayn battled Kevin Owens in a No DQ Match with Zayn's Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal spot at Wrestlemania 33 and Zayn's career on the line. WWE Universal Champion Goldberg and Brock Lesnar go face to face one more time before their title match at Wrestlemania 33.

** RAW **

- Bayley Promo: Bayley kicks off RAW hyping Wrestlemania 33 and talking about growing up and watching the super bowl of wrestling. Charlotte interrupts, accuses Sasha Banks of using Bayley to get into the title match, blames Sasha for Charlotte not still being the champion right now and warns Bayley that Sasha is using her to stab her in the back. Sasha Banks interrupts next and says that she and Bayley are best friends win or lose at Wrestlemania. Nia Jax interrupts next and says that ever since she's arrived on the main roster, all she hears about are the three of them and she's sick of it. Nia says all three of them remind her of high school drama and they're pathetic. Charlotte again brings up the possibility of Sasha turning on Bayley and then catches a punch to the face by Sasha. All four ladies brawl with each other and it sets up their tag team match next.

- Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte and Nia Jax: The match closes out with Charlotte trapping Bayley in the Figure Eight submission, but Sasha makes the save. Sasha sends Nia to the floor, tries a cross body, but gets caught. Sasha counters out and sends Nia into the ring post. Charlotte tries to attack Sasha, but gets planted with Bayley To Belly, by Bayley for the pinfall. After the match, Nia attacks Sasha and Bayley. Nia leg drops Sasha, hits the Samoan Drop on Bayley and then lays out Charlotte. Nia picks up the WWE RAW Women's Championship and stares at the Wrestlemania 33 banner.
Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks, by pinfall.

- Backstage, Sami Zayn says it's rough without Mick Foley on RAW anymore, but feels the roster needs to keep fighting on Foley's behalf. Zayn announces he's entering the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 33 and dedicates it to Foley. Stephanie McMahon interrupts and tells Zayn that he has to fight and defeat Kevin Owens in a No DQ Match tonight or else he's out of the Battle Royal and he'll be fired.

- Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville was on commentary for this match. The match closes out with Aries connecting with a neck breaker. Alicia Fox distracts Aries, allowing Dar to get a near fall roll up. Aries hits an elbow and follows that with the discus forearm on Dar. Aries stares down Neville and then locks Dar in the Last Chancery submission for the tap out victory.
Winner: Austin Aries, by submission.

- A video of The Undertaker is shown getting ready to dig a grave for Roman Reigns.

- Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Contract Signing: Seth Rollins hits the ring on a crutch and immediately calls out Triple H. Triple H arrives and warns Rollins not to attack him or he will defend himself and the match will be called off. Triple H goes over the contract with Rollins, stating Rollins can not sue WWE, Triple H, or the McMahon Family if Rollins is seriously injured at Wrestlemania 33. Triple H tells Rollins not to worry because he's sure he can get cleared in the future and still wrestle in front of small crowds in armories because he's not walking out of Wrestlemania. Rollins says that won't bother him because he loves armories, this match is about redemption and nothing will stop Rollins from beating Triple H. Triple H signs the contract and then kicks the table into Rollins bad leg. Triple H goes for a crutch shot, but Rollins connects with an enzuigiri. Triple H counters a Pedigree and takes out Rollins' leg. Rollins counters the Pedigree and sends Triple H over the top rope. Rollins grabs his knee in pain, but is able to connect with a crutch shot on Triple H, chasing Triple H off.

- "Over The Top Rope Challenge": Big Show, Jinder Mahal, Bo Dallas, Primo, Epico, Goldust, R-Truth, Curtis Axel: The match closes out with Braun Strowman interrupting and threatens to kick Big Show's ass because he does whatever he wants. Big Show dares Strowman to bring it, but Strowman smirks and points at the Wrestlemania 33 banner.
Winner: No Contest

- Backstage, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson mock Enzo and Big Cass.

- A video of The Undertaker shows him digging a grave.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns says he doesn't have time for The Undertaker's mind games. Reigns says he's headed to the ring to send Taker a message.

- Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro get attacked from behind by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson with a ladder, leaving them laid out.

- Neville vs. Jack Gallagher: The match closes out with Gallagher grabbing his umbrella and sends Neville to the floor. Neville is back in and sends Gallagher into the corner. Neville hits the superplex on Gallagher and then gets the tap out victory with the Rings of Saturn submission.
Winner: Neville, by submission.

- Backstage, Austin Aries asks The New Day who's winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania 33. Aries then dances with New Day after they say that Aries will win.

- Roman Reigns Promo: Reigns says that he thought winning the Royal Rumble 2 years ago was the biggest moment of his career, but facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 will now top that. Reigns says he's putting Taker down permanently, he doesn't give a damn who you are and he doesn't give a damn about what Taker thinks. The lights flicker and Taker's gong hits. A video takes us to Taker at the cemetery. Taker says the ring is Taker's yard and the hole he dug will be Reigns' yard. Taker says that Wrestlemania will be Reigns' last ride as Taker reveals a tombstone with Reigns' name on it. Taker's gong hits again, the lights go out, pop back on and Taker is standing behind Reigns in the ring. Taker stares down Reigns and gives his trademarked "Rest..In..Peace".

- Enzo and Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: Before the match even begins, Sheamus and Cesaro attack Gallows and Anderson from behind with a ladder. All three teams begin brawling. The Club lay out Enzo, Cass and Cesaro with ladder shots.
Winners: No Contest.

- Backstage, Kevin Owens says he's destroying Sami Zayn tonight, taking Zayn's career and then moving on to Wrestlemania 33 to turn Chris Jericho's ultimate ride into his ultimate demise.

- "No DQ Match": Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens: The match closes out with Owens getting a near fall frog splash on Zayn. Zayn counters the pop up power bomb and gets a near fall Blue Thunder Bomb on Owens. Samoa Joe hits the ring with a steel chair and targets Zayn. Chris Jericho hits the ring and lays out Joe with a steel chair shot. Owens sends Jericho flying off the apron with a punch, then gets rolled up and pinned by Zayn. After the match, Owens attacks Zayn and beats him now. Jericho hits the ring and unloads steel chair shots on Owens, chasing him from the ring.
Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall. Sami Zayn keeps his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal spot.

- Goldberg And Brock Lesnar Face To Face: Paul Heyman hypes Wrestlemania 33 and says that Lesnar wants the WWE Universal Championship. Heyman says Goldberg may be The Man, but Lesnar is The Beast and he will chew Goldberg up. Heyman says Lesnar is taking Goldberg to Suplex City and Goldberg won't be leaving. Heyman says Wrestlemania 33 will be renamed "The Death of a Superhero". Goldberg's music hits and out comes the champion. Goldberg says the WWE Universe didn't come here to hear talking, they want to see a fight. Goldberg heads to the ring and says he's bringing a little bit of Wrestlemania 33 to Philly. Lesnar charges, but gets speared in half on the floor by Goldberg. Goldberg celebrates in the ring as Heyman checks on Lesnar on the floor to end the show.

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