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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 11.5.15: #TNA Impact Wrestling

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's TNA Impact recap for the week.

- This week's Impact took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. This week TNA held week five of the TNA World Title Series, as TNA looks to crown a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

- Madison Rayne defeated Brooke Tessmacher, by pinfall: The match closes out with Brooke taking complete control hitting a shoulder tackle, a clothesline, a flapjack and a near fall elbow off the top rope. Madison regains control, hits the Rayne Check and scores the pinfall. Madison picks up 3 points for the pinfall victory.

- Eric Young Promo: EY says everyone is out to get him cause he's the best, reminds everyone that no one is better then him, EY calls himself the real original of TNA and says his opponent tonight, Bobby Roode, won't make it to their match.

- Bram defeated Rockstar Spud, by pinfall: The match closes out with Spud landing a jawbreaker, a series of running forearms, a drop kick and an enziguri. Spud goes for the Underdog, but Bram counters out. Spud wraps Bram up for a near fall rollup. Bram regains control and hits the Brighter Side Of Suffering DDT on Spud to score the pinfall. Bram picks up 3 points for the pinfall victory.

- Bobby Roode Promo: Roode says he hasn't forgotten about Eric Young, EY cost Roode the TNA World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year, he's the current TNA King of the Mountain Champion and when he finishes off EY tonight, he'll be another step closer to becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion and close out 2015 a double champion.

- Manik defeated Mandrews, by pinfall: The match closes out with Mandrews hitting a northern lights suplex and a twisting standing moonsault on Manik. Mandrews goes to the top rope and goes for a shooting star press, but Manik blocks it by getting his knees up. Manik hits Mandrews with the Detonation Kick, covers and scores the pinfall. Manik picks up 3 points for the pinfall victory.

- The Wolves Promo: Tonight, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards go one on one. Edwards says Richards is the best competition anyone could ask for. Richards says this won't be the first or last time The Wolves do battle against each other. Edwards and Richards pat each other good luck on the back and walk off.

- Jeff Hardy Interview Part 1: Jeff says 2015 hasn't been a good year, suffering a concussion and then returned only to break his leg after winning the TNA World Tag Team Championship with his brother Matt Hardy. Having to vacate the tag team titles was a very hard thing to do.

- Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards goes to a Time-Limit Draw: The match closes out with Richards hitting a german suplex on Edwards and going to the top rope. Richards misses the double stomp and Edwards goes for a sunset flip. Richards counters and jackknife's Edwards. Richards and Edwards trade a backslide, some chops and unload a series of kicks on each other. Richards lands a huge lariat on Edwards and the bell suddenly rings, signalling a time limit draw. Richards and Edwards both receive 1 point each for the time limit draw. Matt Hardy automatically advances to the second round.

- The Wolves Promo: Eddie Edwards is proud of their match and knows they both wanted the win. Davey Richards thanks the third member of The Wolves...the fans.

- Jeff Hardy Interview Part 2: Watching Matt Hardy chase the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was awesome, cause he knew Matt could win it. Jeff mentions being Ethan Carter's errand boy and was forced to choose between a job or his brother. Was happy to see Matt win the World Title, but regrets being the reason Matt had to vacate it. Jeff, however, will be cheering the loudest when Matt wins the tournament and becomes TNA World Heavyweight Champion once again.

- Backstage, Bobby Roode is looking for Eric Young in the parking lot. Roode finds EY and dares him to do something. EY says Roode needs to worry about himself and not what EY does. Roode refuses to let EY play mind games with him, but EY says its too late.

- Mahabali Shera defeated Kenny King, by pinfall: The match closes out with King going for a running knee stomp on Shera, but Shera dodges it. Shera hits a series of clotheslines and a vertical suplex on King. King fights back with a back elbow and a dive on Shera. Shera regains offense, hits the Sky High and scores the pinfall on King. Shera picks up 3 points for the pinfall victory.

- Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode, by pinfall: The match closes out with Roode hitting a spine buster on EY for a near fall. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb, but EY counters. EY goes for the piledriver, but Roode counters and gets a near fall rollup. Roode hits a boot on EY, but misses a dive off the top rope, after EY grabs referee Earl Hebner and uses him as a shield. Roode avoids Hebner, but gets hit with the piledriver by EY. EY covers and scores the pinfall, to close out this weeks Impact. EY picks up 3 points for the pinfall victory.

** TNA World Title Series Scoreboard **

Group Tag Team Specialists: Matt Hardy 6 points, Robbie E. 3 points, Davey Richards 1 point, Eddie Edwards 1 point

Group UK: Drew Galloway 6 points, Rockstar Spud 3 points, Bram 3 points, Grado 0 points

Group Knockout: Brooke Tessmacher 3 points, Awesome Kong 3 points, Gail Kim 3 points, Madison Rayne 3 points

Group Champion: Austin Aries 4 points, Ethan Carter 4 points, Bobby Lashley 3 points, Mr. Anderson 0 points

Group Wildcard: Mahabali Shera 6 points, Kenny King 3 points, Aiden O'Shea 3 points, Crazy Steve 0 points

Group TNA Originals: Abyss 3 points, Bobby Roode 3 points, James Storm 3 points, Eric Young 3 points

Group Future 4: Jessie Godderz 3 points, Micah 1 point, Eli Drake 1 point, Crimson 0 points

Group X Division: Manik 6 points, Tigre Uno 3 points, DJ Z 3 points, Mandrews 0 points

* Matt Hardy has advanced to the second round.

** Grado, Mr. Anderson, Crazy Steve and Mandrews are mathematically eliminated from the tournament.

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