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Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, 11.10.15: #RAW Recap

By @B_Rock1978

Wrestling Lockup with Brandon, brought to you by Triple Threat CLE. It's time for this week's RAW recap. 

- RAW took place this week in jolly old Manchester, England. The week begins with no WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as Seth Rollins was forced to vacate with an ACL/MCL injury to his leg. WWE announced a tournament to be held at the upcoming Survivor Series, to crown a new champion. Who will be included? Also, with the Seth Rollins injury, WWE sent out an "all hands on deck" call, as WWE is scrambling to get things back on track for Survivor Series. Will we see any surprises or special guests tonight?

- The Authority Address The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Vacancy And Kick Off The Survivor Series Tournament: RAW kicks off with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship placed on a podium and Triple H arrives to explain the situation. Triple H speaks highly of Seth Rollins, applauds everything Rollins did for The Authority, explains Seth Rollins' injury, announces the World Title vacancy and announces a tournament starting tonight, to crown a new champion. Triple H next calls out the #1 Contender, Roman Reigns. Triple H says it's unfair that Reigns has to get back in line for a shot at the title. Triple H, however, offers Reigns a spot in The Authority, be handed the WWE World Title and let everyone else battle in the tournament to decide a new #1 Contender.
Triple H clarifies that Reigns was their original choice and not Seth Rollins. Triple H places the WWE World Title on Reigns' shoulder, trying to sway his decision. Reigns says he's done everything in his life his own way, never took hand outs, will never "sell out" and tells Triple H to shove his offer. Triple H welcomes Reigns back to the end of the line and calls out Reigns' first round opponent, Big Show.

- Roman Reigns defeated Big Show, by pinfall, in a World Title Tournament Match: The match closes out with Reigns hitting two leaping apron drop kicks on Show and setting up for the Superman Punch. Show catches Reigns in mid air and hits the choke slam. Show goes for the Knockout Punch, but Reigns ducks and hits the Superman Punch. Reigns spears Show, covers and scores the pinfall, advancing in the tournament.

- Kevin Owens defeated Titus O'Neil, by pinfall, in a World Title Tournament Match: The match closes out with Titus unloading on Owens from the corner. Titus hits a slam on Owens for a near fall. Titus picks Owens up on his shoulders, but Owens counters out. Owens shoves Titus into the ropes and hits the pop up power bomb on the rebound. Owens covers, scores the pinfall and advances in the tournament.

- Becky Lynch defeated Paige, by pinfall: The match closes out with Becky catching Paige's leg on an attempted kick and t-bone suplexing Paige. Paige counters a Becky charge with a kick and follows with the Ram-Paige. Becky avoids the pinfall by grabbing the ropes. Paige rolls up Becky, but Becky reverses the rollup into her own, grabs Paige's tights and scores the pinfall. After the match, an irate Paige beats down Becky, tosses her onto the announcers table and locks in the PTO submission. Paige finally releases the hold and backs off as Charlotte hits the ring for the save.

- Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz, by pinfall, in a World Title Tournament Match: The match closes out with Miz locking Ziggler in the figure four leg lock submission. Ziggler reaches the ropes to break the hold and Miz argues with the referee. Miz finishes complaining and turns back toward Ziggler, who plants a super kick on Miz. Ziggler covers, scores the pinfall and advances in the tournament.

- England Is Denied Entry Into Mex-America: WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter arrive on the RAW stage. Colter mocks England and their ways of life and states that England will never be good enough to be included in Mex-America.

- Nattie Neidhart defeated Naomi, by pinfall: The match closes out with Sasha Banks getting involved, by shoving Nattie into the ring post. Nattie is back in the ring and shoves Naomi into Tamina, who's on the apron trying to run distraction. Nattie rolls up Naomi and scores the pinfall. After the match, Sasha attacks Nattie and goes for the Bank Statement submission. Nattie reverses and locks Sasha in the Sharpshooter. Team BAD all attack and beat down Nattie, which allows Sasha to lock Nattie in the Bank Statement submission.

- Cesaro defeated Sheamus, by pinfall, in a World Title Tournament Match: Before the match began, King Barrett talked trash to the Manchester United soccer team's Wayne Rooney, in the front row. The match closes out with Cesaro hitting a european upper cut on Sheamus. Barrett gets the distraction in on Cesaro, allowing Sheamus to regain control. Barrett turns his attention back on Wayne Rooney in the front row and mocks the soccer star. Rooney slaps the taste out of Barrett's mouth and sends Barrett to the floor. Sheamus is distracted by Rooney's actions and gets rolled up by Cesaro for the pinfall. Cesaro advances in the tournament.

- Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze, by pinfall, in a World Title Tournament Match: The match closes out with Ambrose hitting a missile drop kick and appeared to have hurt his shoulder on the landing. Breeze sends Ambrose repeatedly shoulder first into the turn buckle. Breeze hits a backstabber and locks in an arm bar submission on the injured shoulder. Ambrose escapes and pulls off a rollup pinfall on Breeze, to advance in the tournament.

- The New Day defeated The Usos and Neville, by pinfall, in a Six Man Tag Team Match: The New Day claim its a travesty that none of them are in the World Title Tournament and dedicated this match to their captain, Seth Rollins. The match closes out with The Usos hitting a double super kick on Big E. The Usos suicide dive Big E and Kofi Kingston on the floor. Neville goes to the top rope and hits a corkscrew splash, wiping out everyone on the floor. Neville goes for the Red Arrow, but Big E shoves Neville off the ropes. Woods covers Neville and scores the pinfall, using his feet on the ropes for leverage.

- The Brothers Of Destruction Return!: Bray Wyatt is in the ring for a promo. Bray wants to celebrate the spirits of Kane and The Undertaker, calls the fans fools, says there was no passing off the torch, instead Bray just took it and burned Kane and Taker to ashes. Bray says he owns Kane and Taker now and The Apocalypse is here. Bray drops to his knees in victory when suddenly a highlight video of Kane and Taker play, fire shoots out of the turn buckles and lightning strikes the RAW stage. Taker's gong and music hits and out come Kane and Undertaker side by side. The lights go out and pop back on and all four Wyatts have surrounded the Brothers of Destruction. Taker drops Bray with a punch.
Kane and Taker toss Harper and Rowan to the floor. Strowman stares down Kane and Taker as they both choke slam a returning Harper and Rowan. Strowman takes out Kane and Taker with a charge. Kane and Taker both sit up and toss Strowman to the floor. Bray gets dropped again and Strowman gets tossed over the announcers table. Kane and Taker double choke slam Bray and finally leave the ring leaving The Wyatt Family laid out. Kane and Taker pose on the stage with their fists up and thunder and lightning to close out RAW.

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