Friday, November 6, 2015

3 Rivers Rundown 11.6.15: All Hands On Deck #Steelers

By @Kratoslives

Ok Steelers Nation, we are in a State of Emergency and the main culprit is.... injuries.

We are under attack with no end in sight. So, the next man up is in play. We've lost our Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey, our star running back Le'Veon Bell and free safety Mike Mitchell to a concussion. I haven't even mentioned defensive end Stephon Tuitt and defensive tackle Daniel McCullers.

These injuries are destroying our team and it's chemistry. We've now come to the point of no return with this situation on this season. Is it time for cuts and street signings? Is it time to shut it down and move on to next year? Me, as a fan I hope it's neither, but I'm praying this pressure produces diamonds.

We have guys on this team who can talk to the media about playing time, like corner Brandon Boykin. But they seem to forget how to play when put on the field, like safety Shamarko Thomas. These players and coaches now have to step up and prove they are contenders. Don't just tell anyone who'll listen what your going to do, but when the rubber hits the road, we get nothing. And I do mean nothing, I'm looking at you this time Cortez Allen.

Where is the pride in what you're doing?

I'm getting sick of coach Mike Tomlin having to explain this crap to the media. These next nine games coming are do or die for our franchise. With the strength of schedule, and with 4 losses already we have to go 8-1 to make the playoffs. Yeah I said it, playoffs!

We do have the skill set on offense to compete. However, our defense, mainly the secondary, are out to lunch.

Looking at what's coming down the pipe is pure fire, which we'll have to put out. This all starts with the Raiders and the Browns. Yes, I said the Browns. These teams must be taken as if they are the Patriots. Starting on Sunday with the Raiders, we must beat them down. When I write beat them down, I do mean BEAT THEM DOWN!

No finesse, no tricks, no thrills. Just pure, violent beat down. We got our QB back and it's time just to go full throttle, with no regards of running it up on the opponent. After that, we must destroy the Browns from the opening drive and the first defensive stance. Don't give them the chance to even take a deep breath with out being hit in the mouth. Even the water boys should feel trepidation running out on the field to give them water. Just make it a slugfest and keeping punching until the clock reads 00:00. This may sound like I'm trying to go to unnecessary extremes, but it really has to be this way.

Look at our conference. We have 3 of the 4 undefeated teams in it. Bengals, Broncos, and the Patriots and we all know how Bill Belichick gets down. Also, if you think Denver head coach Greg Kubiak is going to go soft on us, think again. All of the teams in front of us would happily cut out our throats and smile about it. So, it's time to do the same to anyone not wearing the same uniform as us. So don't worry about making friends, that's for after the Super Bowl. Don't worry about who you may piss off and more importantly, don't worry about Roger Goodell. Go out there and punish the league and let the chips fall where they may. You're not going to make anyone happy other than your fans, so why try anything else? Please Keith Butler, Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin, go and start a fight with the rest of the league.

We all know there are three guys on defense down for it, with James Harrison, Cameron Heyward, Lawerence Timmons. I know for a fact that Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, and Big Ben will join in the fight on the offensive side. This should be the only thing on their minds from here on out.

Playoffs, playoff victories and our 7th Lombardi Trophy.

Any other thoughts are unacceptable.  

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