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WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs Recap #WWETLC

By @B_Rock1978

What's up gang and welcome to another Wrestling Lockup with Brandon special edition. As always brought to you by my good friends at Triple Threat CLE. Last night's pay per view took place live in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, at Quicken Loans Arena. Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs marked the last pay per view of 2014, as the new year is a few short weeks away. Let's get to last night's results.

*** Preshow ***

- Big E and Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods) vs. Goldust and Stardust: Goldust with a shoulder tackle on Kofi for a near fall. Kofi lands back elbows and an arm drag for a near fall. Stardust is tagged in, hits punches and kicks on Big E, then gets laid out with a Big E shoulder tackle for a near fall. Goldust and Stardust get sent to the floor and Big E tosses Kofi over the ropes and on top of the bizarre brothers. Back in the ring, Goldust and Stardust gain control, tag in and out and work over Big E. Big E is finally able to hot tag Kofi. Kofi unloads on Stardust with a springboard clothesline, a drop kick and finishes with the "Boom Drop". Kofi gets sent to the floor where Goldust tosses him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Stardust works over Kofi with boots, punches and a modified boston crab. Kofi tags in Big E and Big E unloads on Stardust with a couple belly to belly suplexes, a splash in the corner and the "Warrior Splash". Big E goes for the "Big Ending" but gets distracted by Goldust. Stardust hits a springboard kick for a near fall. Kofi and Big E take out Goldust then hit the "Midnight Hour" on Stardust for the pinfall.

*** Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs 2014***

- "WWE Intercontinental Championship, Ladder Match": Luke Harper (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler: Harper and Ziggler bring ladders into the ring. Harper tosses Ziggler into a pile of ladders at ringside. Harper climbs the ladder to the title but gets pushed off by Ziggler. Ziggler bridges a ladder from the apron to the announcers table. Harper goes for a power bomb on the bridged ladder but Ziggler escapes. Harper "Bossman Slams" Ziggler on the floor. Harper drops a ladder on Ziggler then climbs to the title. Ziggler makes it back in and pushes Harper off. Harper sends Ziggler into a ladder then drops the ladder on him. Harper corners Ziggler then shoves a ladder in Ziggler's face. Harper goes for a corner splash but Ziggler throws the ladder at Harper. Harper drop kicks a ladder into Ziggler, sending Ziggler to the floor. Harper throws another ladder at Ziggler then goes for a suicide dive. Ziggler grabs a ladder, causing Harper to dive into it. Ziggler climbs the ladder to the title but Harper grabs Ziggler's foot. Harper shoves the ladder over and Ziggler crashes into the ropes. Harper hits Ziggler with a ladder. Ziggler drop kicks Harper into a ladder. Ziggler goes for the "Famasser" but gets power bombed on a ladder. Harper slingshots Ziggler into the ropes with a ladder. Harper climbs to the title as Ziggler, who's bleeding from the forehead, climbs to stop him. Harper goes for a power bomb but Ziggler counters with an "X-Factor" on a ladder. Harper stops Ziggler from climbing to the title, Ziggler DDT's Harper. Harper helicopter spins a ladder but Ziggler super kicks Harper. Ziggler hits Harper with a ladder and he falls on the bridged ladder. Harper stops Ziggler from climbing to the title, Ziggler uses a second ladder bridged to leap over Harper, stopping Harper. Ziggler and Harper climb two seperate ladders, Ziggler kicks Harper away, climbs to the title and grabs it for the win. Cleveland native, Dolph Ziggler, is the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

- "WWE World Tag Team Championship Match": Damien Sandow and The Miz (c) vs. The Usos: Jey with an early rollup and sunset flip on Miz for a near fall. Miz and Jey continue to trade near falls as Sandow imitates everything. The Usos double team Miz with a double suplex. Miz gets sent to the floor where Jey goes airbourne and takes out Miz and Sandow. Back in the ring, Miz, with a DDT for a near fall. Jey rolls Miz up for a near fall, then regains the momentum of the match. Jimmy hits the samoan drop. Miz lands a kick and a near fall on Jimmy. Miz misses the "Awesome Clothesline" and Jimmy backslides Miz for a near fall. Jimmy with a corkscrew plancha for a near fall on Miz, as Sandow breaks the pinfall. Jey tosses Sandow to the floor then Jey gets laid out with the "Skull Crushing Finale" by Miz. Miz goes for a figure four but gets locked in a single leg crab by Jimmy. Miz escapes the hold and eats a Jimmy super kick after attempting the "Skull Crushing Finale". Miz rolls to the floor and grabs the tag titles and his slammy award. Jimmy flies over the ropes at Miz and Sandow but Miz hits Jimmy with his Slammy Award and gets DQ'ed. After the match, Miz hits Jey with his Slammy Award too. Miz and Sandow retain the Tag Team Championship.

- "Steel Stairs Match": Erick Rowan vs. Big Show: Out to the floor early, Show slams Rowan, then tosses him into the steps. Show tries to bring the steps in, but Rowan drop kicks them into Show. Rowan hits Show with the steps. Back on the floor, Show tosses Rowan into the ring post then into the barricade. Show puts steps in the ring and on the announcers table. Show tosses Rowan into the steps, after Rowan attempted a comeback. Show hits Rowan in the gut with the steps. Back in the ring, Show hits Rowan in the back with the steps, then wedges them into the turnbuckles. Rowan attempts another comeback but gets tossed into the wedged steps, twice. Show goes for a choke slam onto the steps but Rowan counters with elbows and punches. Rowan slams Show onto the steps. Rowan climbs the ropes with steps in hand but Show dodges the blow. Show spears Rowan through a setup of steps. Show picks up the steps but Rowan hits a boot into the steps and into Show. Show grabs Rowan and hits the choke slam onto the steps. Show knockout punches Rowan, puts steps on top of Rowan, covers and scores the pinfall.

- "Tables Match": John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (If Cena loses, he loses his WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at Royal Rumble): Brock Lesnar's manager, Paul Heyman, watches from ringside. Mercury distracts Cena, allowing Rollins to hit a clothesline on Cena, early. Cena goes to the floor looking for a table. Mercury and Noble again distract Cena and Rollins attacks Cena from behind. Rollins with a running forearm then looks for a table. Cena hits Rollins, then puts a table in the ring, but Noble and Mercury grab it and play tug of war with Cena. Cena sends Noble and Mercury into the barricade. Cena sets Rollins up for a power bomb through the table but Mercury and Noble knock the table to the floor. Rollins tries to whip Cena into the table but Cena dodges. Cena goes into Super Cena mode and hits the "Five Knuckle Shuffle". Cena goes for "AA" but Mercury and Noble stop Cena. Rollins, Noble and Mercury go for the triple power bomb but Cena kicks Rollins away. Cena chases Noble and then tosses Rollins into a ladder. Cena grabs a guardrail and hits Noble, Mercury, and Rollins with it. Cena suplexes Noble on the guardrail. Mercury hits Cena, Rollins hits a super kick on Cena while Mercury held him. Cena hits a "AA" on Mercury into the crowd. Rollins tosses Cena into the barricade. Cena blocks a suplex through the double tables on the floor by Rollins. Rollins counters a Cena power slam through a table with a DDT. Rollins grabs the briefcase and hits Cena with it. The referee goes down as Cena goes for "AA". Cena "AA's" Rollins off the ropes and through a table for what should've been the win, but the referee is still knocked out. Noble and Mercury attack Cena and get rid of all the evidence. Cena picks both Noble and Mercury up on his shoulders and "AA's" them through a table. Cena and Rollins fight on the apron where they both fall off and go through the double tables at the same time on the floor. The knocked out referee came too as it happens and calls for the bell. Replays show nothing but two other referees claim that both Rollins and Cena should be the victor. The original referee decides to restart things.

- John Cena vs Seth Rollins Part 2: Rollins hits a suicide dive on Cena. Cena hits an "AA" on Rollins on the announcers table and on Michael Cole, neither break. Big Show hits the ring, gut shots Cena and goes for the choke slam but.........Roman Reigns' music hits and out comes the returning superstar. Reigns "Superman Punches" Show then spears him through a table. Reigns "Superman Punches" Rollins and Cena hits the "AA" through a table on Rollins for the win.

- It's official, Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Royal Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

- "WWE Divas Championship Match": Nikki Bella (c) (w/Brie Bella) vs. A.J. Lee: A.J. with a head scissors and Nikki, who goes to the floor. A.J. chases Nikki on the floor and stops Brie from interfering. Nikki hits a spinebuster then a back breaker on A.J. for two near falls. Nikki with a unique bow and arrow submission on A.J. using the ring post. Nikki slams A.J. and gets a near fall. A.J. dodges a charging Nikki and gets a near fall sunset flip. A.J. hits a thesz press, punches, a splash in the corner and a neck breaker for a near fall. A.J. dodges another Nikki charge and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Nikki with a springboard kick for a near fall. A.J. with a bulldog for a near fall. A.J. hits the shining wizard but Brie puts Nikki’s foot on the ropes, breaking the pin. The referee ejects Brie for her interference. Nikki sprays A.J. in the face with something as the referee argues with Brie. Nikki hits "Rack Attack" on A.J. for the pinfall. Nikki retains the Divas Championship.

- Backstage Segment with Roman Reigns: Reigns said he'd be back and he will be in the Royal Rumble next month. Believe That.

- "Chairs Match": Ryback vs. Kane: Ryback tries to use a chair but Kane kicks Ryback. Kane lands a chair shot to the ribs and then to the back of Ryback. Kane wedges a chair in the corner where Ryback sends Kane into. Ryback with the thesz press and splash on Kane. Ryback hits Kane in the back and ribs with a chair. Kane gets a chair and hits Ryback, then snake eyes Ryback on a chair. Kane hits rib shots on Ryback with a chair. Both block suplexes then Kane drops Ryback with a DDT on a chair. Kane unloads more rib shots on Ryback with the chair. Ryback kicks the chair into Kane's face. Kane goes for a choke slam, Ryback blocks, Kane sends Ryback into a chair, hits a big boot and gets a near fall. Ryback belly to belly on Kane but then gets a chair kicked into his face by Kane. Kane hits Ryback in the chest and back with a chair. Kane throws a bunch of chairs into the ring. Kane goes for a choke slam but Ryback counters with a spine buster on a pile of chairs. Ryback unloads on Kane's arm with a chair. Kane dodges the "Meat Hook" by throwing a chair in Ryback's face. Kane hits the choke slam but Ryback kicks out. Kane goes for the "Tombstone" on a chair. Ryback counters hits the "Meat Hook" and the "Shell Shock" and scores the pinfall on Kane.

- "WWE United States Championship Match": Rusev (c) (w/Lana) vs. Jack Swagger: Swagger works on Rusev's leg early. Rusev tries to escape to the floor but Swagger gives chase. Swagger misses the "Swagger Bomb" as Rusev moves. Swagger blocks a Rusev kick and locks Rusev in the "Patriot Lock". Rusev tries to counter with "The Accolade" but Swagger makes it to the ropes. Rusev gets "The Accolade" applied and it looks like Swagger is passing out from the pain, but Swagger counters into a "Patriot Lock". Rusev looks like he's going to tap out but escapes by landing kicks to Swagger's head. Rusev escapes to the floor where he lands a thrust kick on Swagger. Back in the ring, Swagger eats another thrust kick by Rusev. Rusev locks Swagger in "The Accolade" and applies the pressure. Swagger passes out from the pain and Rusev retains the United States Championship.

- "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match": Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt: Ambrose throws a ladder at Wyatt and they brawl on the ramp. Ambrose suicide dives on Wyatt and tosses Wyatt into the crowd. 
Ambrose and Wyatt fight into the crowd, where Ambrose climbs onto, then jumps off the preshow announcers table, onto Wyatt. Ambrose tosses Wyatt into the barricade and into the ring post. Ambrose hits Wyatt in the gut and in the back with a chair. Ambrose throws chairs into the ring then sets up a table. Ambrose grabs a kendo stick and unloads on Wyatt with it, then hits the kendo stick leg sweep. Ambrose hits an elbow drop with the chair on Wyatt from the turn buckle. Ambrose chokes Wyatt with the kendo stick, makes him sit in the chair then hits and chokes Wyatt some more with the kendo stick. Wyatt shoves Ambrose off the ropes and Ambrose falls through a table. Wyatt tosses Ambrose into the barricade and gets a near fall. Wyatt hits Ambrose with the kendo stick, repeatedly, then sends Ambrose face first into the point of the stick. Wyatt hits Ambrose with a ladder then lands a back senton on Ambrose, on the ladder, for a near fall.
Wyatt hits Ambrose with the kendo stick then tosses Ambrose into the ladder propped in the corner. Wyatt misses a splash and crashes into the ladder. Ambrose hits a clothesline for a near fall. Ambrose hits Wyatt with a chair, then a leg drop for a near fall. Wyatt counters "Dirty Deeds", Ambrose counters "Sister Abigail" by low blowing Wyatt. Wyatt near fall with a forearm. Wyatt and Ambrose trade shots on the floor. Ambrose puts Wyatt on a table and then sets up a ladder in front of the table. Ambrose climbs the ladder and drops an elbow on Wyatt and through the table. Ambrose lands more shots on Wyatt then puts him on the announcers table. Ambrose climbs the ladder and drops another elbow on Wyatt, through the announcers table. Back in the ring, Wyatt hits a clothesline and nails "Sister Abigail" but Ambrose kicks out. Wyatt goes for another "Sister Abigail" but Ambrose counters with a rollup for a near fall. Ambrose tosses Wyatt into a ladder, hits "Dirty Deeds", but Wyatt kicks out.
Ambrose rearranged weapons and furniture as Wyatt got back to his feet. Wyatt chokes Ambrose with a chair but Ambrose counters by tossing Wyatt with the chair in his throat into the ring steps. Wyatt is down on the spanish announcers table as Ambrose climbs the ladder. Ambrose drops another elbow onto Wyatt and through the table. Ambrose and Wyatt struggle back into the ring where Ambrose grabs a monitor laying in the ring. Ambrose goes to hit Wyatt with the monitor but the monitor explodes into Ambrose's face. Ambrose now blinded gets hit with "Sister Abigail" by Wyatt. Wyatt covers and scores the pinfall. Wyatt kneels over Ambrose and the medical staff as TLC and S comes to a close.

*** My Thoughts ***

- Ziggler winning the IC-Title in his Cleveland hometown was a feel good moment. But does this mean he'll be pushed back into mid card status again? After his great showing a Survivor Series he should be main eventing now, not stuck with the mid card title.
- Miz and Sandow retaining makes sense. The fans hate Miz but love Sandow. The only way I could see them dropping the titles is if Sandow and Miz split.
- Big Show beating Rowan, to me makes me think Rowan will become a future jobber now. 
- Cena winning unfortunately is what the WWE choose. Even though there are a lot more opponents I could see facing Lesnar at Royal Rumble. But we're being fed the slogan to this match as the last time Cena and Lesnar will ever face each other. As Tony Schivone of WCW once said....."That'll put butts in seats".
- Nikki retaining against A.J. makes sense. Nikki is now the John Cena of the Divas Division, since she's sleeping with him. And A.J. is still rumored to be leaving soon.
- Ryback winning shows the WWE is still trying to rebuild Ryback slowly. And Kane did what Big Show didn't do to his up and comer opponent...jobbed to him.
- Rusev beating Swagger makes sense. Rusev is still gaining major heat as the unbeatable Russian beast that has the United States Championship held hostage. And Rusev's loss needs to be against a memorable opponent. (Still wishing for that Kurt Angle WWE return but it's not happening).
- Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose, either one winning I would have been happy with. Bray I think needed this win more then Ambrose and he got it. This was Dean Ambrose's third pay per view main event this year, his push is going good.

Till next time, tap or snap.

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