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Weekend 3 Count 12.15 - 12.21 #WWE #TNA #GFW

By @B_Rock1978

The Weekend 3 Count is brought to you by Triple Threat CLE.

*** Weekend Flashback ***

This week's weekend flashback we're going hardcore. Taking you back and reviving a classic feud from the past. Raven battles The Sandman in a "Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match" from TNA 2003.

*** WWE News and Rumors ***

- After last Sunday's TLC and S pay per view, there were a few injuries on the WWE roster. Luke Harper received five staples, Dolph Ziggler had a wound super glued shut, A.J. Lee had to have her eye flushed out and Big Show injured his hip.

- There is still talk of The Undertaker returning at Wrestlemania 31 and facing Bray Wyatt. Nothing is official yet but that is the current plan.

- There has been a picture going around the internet showing "1.25.15" and followed by "He Rises". Not sure if this is a fan made hoax or if it's a legit return to the WWE which could more then likely be for The Undertaker.

- Sources are saying that the WWE are going to be referring to Sting as "The Vigilante" Sting as his short gimmick. And good lord you should see all the hatred over the name already from fans.

- January 19th, RAW will be called the RAW Reunion Show. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels have already been signed to appear. The main event will be John Cena vs. Seth Rollins in a "30 Man Lumberjack Match" which will be hyping the Royal Rumble.

- This past Tuesday's special "Super Smackdown" marked Smackdown's 800th episode.

- There has been talk of WWE moving former NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville, to the main roster. There has been talk of giving him a new gimmick too when he moves to the main roster.

- Check out the article called "My Two Cents" by Super Chrisss as he gives his top seven NXT matches of 2014.
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- Another article to check out is the top ten NXT superstars that could succeed on the main WWE roster.
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- Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel, has asked for another shot in NXT. Unless plans change Curtis Axel will face Hideo Itami on the January 1st episode of NXT.

- Former linebacker at the University of Minnesota, Diggs Rawlis, made his in-ring debut at NXT this past Thursday.

- WWE will be releasing their usual Best of RAW/Smackdown 2014 DVD. The following is what will be included on the DVD.
Full Content Listing for WWE's Best of RAW and SmackDown 2014

- Well known tag team on the independent circuits, The Young Bucks, were invited to try out for the WWE. The Young Bucks politely turned down the offer.

- WWE has still shown interest in signed independent wrestler, Uhaa Nation. Sources are saying Nation was offered a developmental deal but there is no word as to whether he accepted it or not.

- UFC's "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey has still shown interest in competing with WWE in the future. Rousey is a huge wrestling fan and has stated many times she'd love to compete.

- Sources are saying that there is a possibility that WWE will be announcing AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas as the site for Wrestlemania 32 in 2016. The stadium held 108,713 fans for the NBA All-Star Game in 2010 and the WWE is looking to smash their Wrestlemania 3 record of 93,173.

*** TNA News and Rumors ***

- TNA President, Dixie Carter, will appear on Jim Ross' January 6th podcast.

- Even though Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) has signed with Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground, TNA is still trying to land the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Rumor is TNA offered Alberto a one year $400,000 contract and guaranteed he'd get more U.S. exposure with TNA than with ROH or Lucha Underground. El Patron has made no comment about going to TNA as of yet. El Patron has stated that he has his mind set on ROH and Lucha Underground at the moment.

- TNA announced a new web series they will air on, entitled, "Destination: Home". The show will follow TNA stars around while they are away from the ring.

- TNA will have a new show, entitled, "Impact Wrestling: Unlocked". It'll air Saturday mornings at 10am starting January 17th. The show will be hosted by Mike Tenay. Tenay will no longer be the play by play man on Impact going into the new year. Former WWE announcer, Josh Matthews, will now be joining Taz in the announcers seat.

- TNA is seeking damages from Scott Steiner from back in 2012. Steiner made discouraging remarks about then-TNA officials Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, and Hogan's daughter, Brooke Hogan. TNA claims Steiner breached his contract by making the remarks. Steiner claims his contract was already expired when it happened.

*** GFW News and Rumors ***

- Jeff Jarrett announced that former WWE and current Lucha Underground announcer, Matt Striker, has been signed on to do commentary with Jim Ross at GFW's debut pay per view.

- Jeff Jarrett had got in contact with TNA's Mike Tenay and pitched the idea of him joining Jim Ross in the commentary booth for GFW's debut pay per view. Tenay, who recently signed a one year deal with TNA showed no interest in doing it.

*** Other Wrestling News ***

- Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, has officially signed on with Ring of Honor wrestling. Del Rio, will go under the name Alberto El Patron, and will debut on January 3rd, 2015. It was also announced that Alberto El Patron will face Christopher Daniels in his debut at the event. It was also announced that El Patron will face Albert C. Hardie, or just ACH, which he goes by, on January 30th. El Patron will then battle Roderick Strong on January 31st. So a pretty full ROH January schedule for El Patron.

- CM Punk who has made the jump to UFC, stated that he will likely fight under the name Phil "CM Punk" Brooks. Punk said he is targeting Fall of 2015 as his debut fight.

And that's this weekend's 3 Count. Join me every Sunday afternoon as I post news around WWE, TNA, GFW and around the wrestling world. Till next week, tap or snap.

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