Thursday, December 1, 2016

Krunch Time With Katelin: Potential Acquisitions for the Cavs

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

The defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers are 13-3 after the first month of play.  The Cavs are (of course) the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals but that doesn't mean they aren't going to add a piece of two to this team. So here are a handful of names that could fit the Cavaliers' roster:

Mario Chalmers: Chalmers signing with the Cavs sometime in January seems like the most realistic move to happen. Chalmers is an eight year vet who spent 7.5 years with the Miami Heat (including four with LeBron and James Jones). Chalmers fits this team as a backup point guard who's a solid three point shooter (35% in his career). The only problem with Chalmers is that he tore his Achilles last year with Memphis. Not saying he can't come back from the injury but would he potentially hurt the Cavs by trying to come back to early and become a wasted roster spot.

Tony Wroten: Wroten is another backup point guard who would fit pretty well on this team. He isn't a three point shooter, which is his one of his only weaknesses. Wroten thrives with the ball in his hands which could give the Cavs a dynamic they haven't had since Jarrett Jack, which is an actual scorer/shot creator coming off the bench. Outside of Kyrie, LeBron, and Love the Cavs really don't have anyone to create shot for others which is why an addition of Wroten would fit. He's also a 6'6 point guard which is the complete opposite of rookie Kay Felder who's 5'9.

Devin Harris: Another veteran "combo" guard to backup Kyrie, but the Cavs would have to trade for him. Harris is currently on the Dallas Mavericks who are currently (3-13) and by the trading deadline might in sell mode. Harris hasn't played this year because of a toe injury, which is a concern but it shouldn't limit him going forward. Harris has two years on his current deal worth about $4.5 million, so its not a crazy contract to trade for since the Cavs have multiple trade exceptions to use. Again he's an obvious fit a for this team just like Chalmers and Wroten, the only difference is that he is older than both at 33 years old and would have to be traded for.

Dorell Wright: A 6'9 swing-man who's a 12 year veteran. Wright can play the two, three, and stretch four (if need be). If the Mike Dunleavy falls out of the rotations Wright could be someone the Cavs go after in free agency as a replacement. Wright is only 30 years old and was drafted out of high school in 2004 to the Heat. He is a solid three point shooter with a career percentage of 36%, and last year with Portland he shot 38% in 48 games.

This is were I'd put a name like Matt Barnes but I'd be called a King's homer (my second favorite NBA team). So I'll throw out a different name...

Tyreke Evans: I know that seems like a weird guy but hear me out. Evans is set to make his season debut soon after missing the first month or so due to a knee surgery from February. Depending on how well New Orleans & rookie Buddy Hield (who was taken 6th overall this past draft) plays the next two months they might be willing to trade away Evans.

Evans (who's only 27) is in the last year of his contract and is getting paid $10.2 Million this year so a trade might have to involve three teams but the Cavs still have the Anderson Varejao trade exceptions for $9.6 million and technically Mo Williams is still on the roster so they have his $2.1 million contract to work with also. This trade is the most "out there" "creative on the trade machine" type deal, but IF New Orleans starts to fall out of playoff contention and they want to get something for Evans...a trade to Cleveland isn't that crazy.

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