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Wrestling Lockup With Brandon 9/12/17: RAW Anaheim Recap

By Brandon Albright, @B_Rock1978

It's the beginning of the week and time to kick things off in wrestling with Monday Night RAW, live from Anaheim, California. Last week, Braun Strowman sent a message to WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, when Strowman tossed Big Show through a steel cage wall. Emma and Nia Jax became #1 Contenders. The Miz continued to rule with a successful WWE Intercontinental Championship defense over Jeff Hardy.

** Monday Night RAW Card **

- Roman Reigns battled Jason Jordan.
- Emma battled Sasha Banks.
- Bray Wyatt battled Goldust.
- Sheamus and Cesaro battled Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.
- Elias Samson battled Kalisto.
- John Cena battled Braun Strowman.
- WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz battled Enzo in a non title match.
- Sheamus, Cesaro, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson battled The Hardy Boys and the WWE RAW World Tag Team Champions Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

- The Miz and Maryse returned with another edition of Miz TV.

** RAW **

- RAW kicks off with a moment of silence to all of those lost in the 9/11 attacks 16 years ago today.

- Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan: The match closes out with Reigns fighting out of a crossface submission. Jordan gets in a couple shoulder thrusts until missing the last and hitting the corner. Reigns hits a Drive By on Jordan and then the Superman Punch and Spear to score the pinfall.
Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall.

- After the match, Reigns extends his hand and shakes Jordan's as a show of respect.

- Backstage, John Cena says he has something to say to Roman Reigns and heads to the ring.

- Roman Reigns and John Cena Face To Face: Before Roman Reigns leaves the ring, John Cena's music hits and out comes Cena. Cena says Jason Jordan almost beat Reigns tonight and mocks Reigns. Reigns says he's had better matches in 2 years then Cena had his entire career. Cena says he can just keep letting Reigns talk and Reigns will just bury himself. Cena says Reigns has his head buried up his own ass, thinks he runs the WWE because no one has cut Reigns down to size and if Reigns thinks he's The Guy like he says he is then he should bring his A game at WWE No Mercy or else Cena will have a cake walk. Reigns thinks Cena came back to RAW because Reigns is making the company money, which Cena hasn't done in a long time. Reigns says the WWE doesn't need Cena, Cena needs the WWE to get into Hollywood, but Reigns can hook Cena up with Reigns' cousin The Rock for help. Cena compares Reigns to a drug test and promises that Reigns won't pass him at WWE No Mercy to end the segment.

- Emma vs. Sasha Banks: The match closes out with Emma unloading while Sasha is in a tree of woe and then cross body blocks into her. Emma gets a near fall, but Sasha is able to trap Emma in the Banks Statement submission and get the tap out win.
Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission.

- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Promo: They talk about WWE No Mercy, facing Braun Strowman and what Strowman was able to do to Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam. Heyman says Strowman may be bigger, but is he badder than Brock Lesnar. Heyman says Strowman reminds Heyman of a young Lesnar, but Strowman will have to litterly rip the title away from Lesnar. Heyman asks Strowman if he's really ready to enter Suplex City. Strowman hits the ring and he and Lesnar start brawling. Lesnar counters the running power slam and german suplexes Strowman. Strowman gets right back up and stares down a shocked Lesnar. Strowman choke slams Lesnar and then hits the running power slam. Strowman lays the WWE Universal Championship over Lesnar and makes a three count over Lesnar's body. Heyman checks on Lesnar to end the segment.

- Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on the TitanTron stating that Goldust is just like Finn Balor, by using paint on his face to hide being scared. Bray used to find Goldust bizarre, but now Goldust is just afraid.

- Bray Wyatt vs. Goldust: The match closes out with Bray landing a shot on Goldust and sending him into the corner. Goldust gets a near fall, but Bray comes back with a cross body. Bray hits Sister Abigail on Goldust and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Bray Wyatt, by pinfall.

- After the match, Bray wipes Goldust's makeup off his face and tells him that he's a man. Finn Balor arrives to make the save as Bray retreats.

- Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro are interviewed. Sheamus and Cesaro state that they'll have to accept Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as their opponents tonight. Sheamus and Cesaro state that the real test will be on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at WWE No Mercy when they defend the tag team titles.

- Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: Before the match can begin, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins brawl with Sheamus and Cesaro. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson arrive and help beat down Ambrose and Rollins. Gallows, Anderson, Sheamus and Cesaro then begin brawling with each other. Ambrose and Rollins return with all six men brawling until officials break things up. 
Winners: No Contest.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins want Sheamus, Cesaro, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. RAW GM Kurt Angle tells them to find two other partners and they can have the main event tonight.

- Its officially announced that Asuka has been signed for Monday Night RAW.

- Backstage, Alexa Bliss tries to kiss up to Nia Jax. Nia says they're not friends, but Alexa keeps apologizing. Nia tells Alexa that she won't want to be Nia's friend after she finds out that it's Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss next week.

- Elias Samson vs. Kalisto: The match closes out with Elias dodging Kalisto's aerial attempt. Elias plants Kalisto with a power bomb and then unloads on Kalisto. Elias hits Drift Away on Kalisto and scores the pinfall.
Winner: Elias Samson, by pinfall.

- John Cena vs. Braun Strowman: The match closes out with Cena hitting the AA on Strowman, but Strowman rolls outside. Cena charges at Strowman outside, but Strowman grabs the steel steps and hurls them at Cena, catching Cena in the face. Strowman picks up Cena and takes the DQ loss by power slamming Cena on top of the steel steps.
Winner: John Cena, by DQ.

- Backstage, Roman Reigns says that the monster showed no mercy on John Cena. At WWE No Mercy, Reigns will shown none as well.

- Backstage, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins find The Hardy Boys to team up with them tonight.

- Miz TV with The Miz, Maryse and The Miztourage: The Miz and Maryse announce that they have a huge announcement to make. Maryse announces that she is pregnant and The Miz prepares to read a speech about fatherhood. Enzo interrupts and heads to the ring. The Miz is angry because Enzo just interrupted a sentimental moment. Miz says that Enzo and Big Cass were the next big things when they first arrived, but now Enzo is alone with his big mouth. Miz mocks Enzo for being kicked down to 205 Live, being kicked out of the locker room and how the whole locker room can't stand him. Miz says Enzo can't hang with Neville and Enzo is just a con artist. Enzo calls Miz a copy cat of other gimmicks and guarantees he's winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WWE No Mercy. Miz thinks it's funny that Enzo thinks he's championship material. Miz dedicates his win over Enzo to his unborn child and their match is now.

- Enzo vs. The Miz: The match closes out with Enzo crouching Miz on the ropes and then talks trash on the microphone. The Miztourage all attack Enzo and cause a DQ.
Winner: Enzo, by DQ.

- After the match, Enzo gets beat down by The Miztourage. Miz picks up Enzo and drops him with the Skull Crushing Finale.

- Backstage, Neville interrupts Enzo and starts laughing at him.

- "Eight Man Tag Team Match": Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy: The match closes out with both Jeff and Matt hitting Twist of Fates on Gallows. Sheamus and Cesaro appear to be walking out on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as they walk to the RAW stage. Rollins hits a super kick on Anderson and Ambrose follows with Dirty Deeds for the pinfall.
Winners: The Hardys, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, by pinfall.

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