Friday, September 15, 2017

Browns Preview 9/15/17: Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

By Katelin Marshall, @KatelinKnowsCLE

The (0-1) Cleveland Browns travel to Baltimore to take on the (1-0) Ravens. Last week the Browns lost to the Steelers 21-18. The Ravens defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 20-0. In their game against the Bengals the Ravens forced five turnovers, so going into week two the Browns will need to limit the turnovers.

Browns Offense vs Ravens Defense:

The Browns passing game is most likely going to attack Ravens defensive back Brandon Carr. Carr isn't the player he once was. Corey Coleman is someone who has played really well since training camp began. Coleman last week caught all five passes thrown to him and he and quarterback DeShone Kizer already have some chemistry. So look out for the Browns to put Coleman in situations where he is matched up with Brandon Carr. The Ravens also like to use three safeties during passing downs. Moving Lardarious Webb to the nickle and playing veteran Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson at "free/strong safeties". It should be interesting to see how the Browns counter this week. Last week we seen a lot of Duke Johnson in the slot, heck Johnson didn't even get a carry. Its going to be interesting to see if the Browns change Johnson's role week-to-week.

The Browns offensive line has to do a better job run blocking this week. Isaiah Crowell couldn't get separation last week and only rushed for 33 yards on 17 carries. That has to improve going forward. Hue Jackson isn't too worried about it, but with a rookie quarterback, you don't want to throw the ball more than you have too. And with the Ravens' pass rush lead by future hall of famer Terrell Suggs the Browns need to keep the Ravens honest with the run game.

The last thought on the offense is DeShone Kizer. He's going up against another extremely physical defense. It wouldn't be surprising if we see a couple late hits on the quarterback call like we did last week. Kizer has to play smart. Throw the ball away if nothing is open down field, slide while scrambling, and remembering that the check down is your friend.

Browns Defense vs Ravens Offense:

I really like this match up for the Browns. Yes, the Ravens played well last week , but the Browns defense is way better than Cincinnati's.  Last week the Ravens capitalized off of a turnover for one of their touchdowns, and the second was 48 yard pass to Jeremy Maclin on a drag route. The Browns last week did a great job limiting the deep ball. Yes, Antonio Brown got his...and yes it was on fluke plays but that's why AB is the best receiver in the NFL. Outside of the Maclin throw, Joe Flacco was 8/16 for 73 yards and an interception. I don't think passing game is going to kill the Browns this week like it did last week.

And the running game for the Ravens will be their strength. Former Brown Terrance West ran for 80 yards on 19 carries and Javorius Allen rushed for 71 yards on 21 carries. While having success last week against the Bengals, it isn't a for gone conclusion they will have success this week. The Browns limited the Steelers to 35 yards on the ground. Le'Veon Bell ran for 32 of the 35 on 10 rushes. The Browns defense is for real. And the key for them is to limit the running game and force Joe Flacco into turnovers...which is basically the key for the Raven's defense against the Browns offense.

Five Guys to Watch:

Joe Schobert: Schobert was one of a handful of guys to play every snap on defense last week. As the "mike" linebacker, Schobert is the "quarterback" of the defense. The position change during the off-season seems to have jump started his career after being a special teams/pass rushing specialist in his rookie year.

Duke Johnson: As I mentioned above, it's going to be interesting to see how Hue Jackson uses Johnson week-to-week. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him get 10-12 carries this week and a couple of catches, but this time lined up in the backfield where he's more comfortable.

DeShone Kizer: Kizer will be on this list every week. Its that simple. Kizer is potentially the quarterback of the how can he not be one of the five guys to watch each week.

Ricardo Louis: Louis had a pretty good game last week. Yes, he only had two catches. But he was getting open and that's all you can ask for on a team with a lack of playmakers at wide receiver. Louis even came back last week from a nasty hit and caught a pass that put the Browns into scoring position.

Jabrill Peppers: I wasn't sure who my last "guy to watch" would be. So I picked the exciting playmaker Jabrill Peppers. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Peppers in for a couple plays on offense this week. *insert thinking emoji  Peppers playing "center field" with Joe Flacco at quarterback is exciting because we all know Flacco is known to take shots down field and with the ball-hawking skills Peppers seems like the perfect opportunity for Peppers to get his first career interception.

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Betting Line (As of 9/14/17): Baltimore -8

Browns 24 Ravens 17

Call me crazy but I think the Browns will leave Baltimore with a 1-1 record. Kizer proved in one game that he gives the Browns an opportunity to win and that's all you can ask for with a rookie quarterback. But the Defense for the Browns will win this game. They will force the Ravens into turnovers and give the offense a short field. The running game for the Browns should be improved from last week which is why when they are given the lead they won't blow it like in years before.

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