Monday, April 28, 2014

Wrestling Lockup With Brandon, 4.28.14: TNA Sacrifice 2014

Welcome everyone to a pay per view only special edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon.

Last night TNA held their 9th Annual Sacrifice pay per view, live at The Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Newly crowned TNA World Champion "EY" Eric Young defended his title in the main event against former champion, Magnus. We saw the return of Kurt Angle in tag team action, teaming with Jeff Hardy's alter ego, Willow. Current and former Beautiful People members met with the TNA Knockouts Title on the line. All that and many other highlights. So lets get down to business and get this review started, shall we?!

- "Handicap Match" for the TNA Tag Team Titles: DJ Z and The Bro Mans (c) vs The Wolves. Before the match begins it's announced that MVP has made this match a "No DQ Match". This new stipulation almost costs The Wolves early as DJ Z uses laptops on The Wolves giving the Bro Mans the advantage. The match closes out with The Wolves hitting double running foot stomps and scoring the pinfall.
WINNERS: New TNA Tag Team Champions, The Wolves.

- "Committed Match": Mr. Anderson vs Samuel Shaw. Shaw does his best to avoid Anderson as the bell sounded. Shaw spends a lot of time being distracted by Christy Hemme and gives chase to her after choking Anderson out with his trademark choke hold. Anderson comes to and the brawl with Shaw goes all over the arena and out to the backstage area where the padded van is parked. The match closes out with Hemme low blowing Shaw and Anderson "Mic Checking" Shaw into the van for the victory.
WINNER: Mr. Anderson

- Kurt Angle and Willow vs ECIII and Rockstar Spud. Typical tag match, nothing special. ECIII tried to avoid Angle through most of the beginning. Willow and Angle hit a "Twist of Fate" "Angle Slam" "Swanton Bomb" trifecta to close out the match for the pin.
WINNERS: Angle and Willow

- TNA X-Division Title: Sanada (c) vs Tigre Uno. Good X-Division bout in match 3 of 3 between Sanada and Uno with the series tied at 1. Sanada hits his trademark moonsault for the pin to close out the match.
WINNER: Still TNA X-Division Champion, Sanada

- "I Quit Match": Gunner vs James Storm. Very intense hardcore match with a nice supply of weapons. Kendo sticks, ring steps, trash cans, trash can lids, chairs, stop signs. Storm at one point busted Gunner wide open after connecting with his beer bottle to the head. The match ends with Gunner superplexing Storm onto a guardrail set up on top of two chairs then rakes a piece of glass from the broken beer bottle across Storm's forehead until Storm announces that he quits.
WINNER: Gunner

- TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love. Typical women's wrestling match between the former and current Beautiful People members. Rayne has Love pinned however Velvet Sky distracts the referee. As Rayne tries to get the referees attention back into the match, Rayne gets sprayed in the eyes by Sky allowing Love to grab the roll up pinfall.
WINNER: New TNA Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love

- "Tables Match": Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode. Decent brawl and like any other table match, Ray and Roode set them up but fail to put each other through them. Ray puts Roode through a table for what should have been the victory however the referee was knocked out. Ray climbed to the top rope and attempted to put Roode through another table. A fan jumped onto the apron dressed in a hat and beard disguise and pushes Ray off the top rope and crashing through the tables set up on the floor. The referee sees Ray fall through the tables, calls the match and announces Roode the winner. The desguised fan revealed themselves to be Dixie Carter. Carter smiles at a broken Bully Ray and tells him to never double cross her ever again.
WINNER: Bobby Roode

- TNA World Title: Eric Young (c) vs Magnus. Young showed off his never give up attitude against the powerful Magnus. Young even though he was the champ he was clearly the underdog in the match. Young proved all the doubters wrong as he hit Magnus with the second of two piledrivers then dropped an elbow "ala Macho Man" from the top rope on Magnus to score the pin and retain the title.
WINNER: Still TNA World Champion, Eric Young

And that closes out the 9th Annual Sacrifice PPV. I'll be back Friday afternoon with more TNA News and TNA Impact results. Until then tap or snap.

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