Thursday, April 10, 2014

Patrick's Perspective: The Masters 2014

Hello Friends,
Welcome to Augusta, GA . It's time for The Masters. A tradition unlike anyother.
This golf tournament is legendary. It also indicates that Summer is right around the corner!!
Out of all the majors the Masters is my favorite. So much history. So many memorable moments from Arnie, Jack, Tiger, and Phil. From the fist pumps to jumping up and throwing clubs in celebration, the masters brings out the best in the best.
This years Masters Tiger is not playing. Although he hasn't won a major in a while he still is a great draw. This years tournament is wide open. I personally am rooting for Wrong way Rickie Fowler representing that Puma brand. He finished at -1 today. I also like the 20 year old phenom Jordan Spieth. Dude can play. Could you imagine playing in the grandest golf tournament ever at 20!?! Yeah, me neither. He also finished at -1. The leader is at -4 Billy Haas followed by the defending champ Adam Scott.
The next 3 rounds will be legendary! If you love golf like I do watch it!
Until next time friends!

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