Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wrestling Lockup With Brandon, 4.22.14: WWE Raw

Welcome everyone to another edition of Wrestling Lockup with Brandon.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter on Sunday. Me personally? I had a great Easter however, I would prefer not to see another piece of chocolate for the next month please! Let's get down to business shall we? This edition I'll be bringing you the RAW review from Monday's show this week. A lot of storyline buildup this week as we move closer to WWE Extreme Rules live on Sunday May 4th.

Important highlights of the show:
- Daniel Bryan returned from his honeymoon with Brie Bella only to be visciously attacked by Kane. Kane tombstoned Bryan three times, once on the floor, once on the ring steps and once more on the announcers table. Stephanie McMahon announced Daniel Bryan vs Kane at Extreme Rules for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with a smile on her face as Bryan was taken out on a stretcher.

- The tournament to crown a number one contender to Big E's Intercontinental Championship continued as Bad News Barrett faced Sheamus and RVD faced Cesaro in the semi-finals. Barrett picked up the win on Sheamus by pin with the "bull hammer" and RVD picked up the win by countout on Cesaro after Jack Swagger got involved. Swagger and Cesaro fought each other after the match, possibly setting them up for a match at Extreme Rules. The finals will be RVD vs Bad News Barrett next week on RAW.

- The Shield's feud with Evolution heated up as both teams had a face to face in the ring over who was the most dominant faction in the WWE. Evolution seemed very confident for their match with The Shield at Extreme Rules. The Shield predicted that Triple H would do what's best for the WWE and didn't really care what happens to Evolution.

- Bray Wyatt continued to play mind games with John Cena by again accusing Cena of being a liar to the WWE Universe and Wyatt was taking his fans one by one each week as his own "followers". Cena faced off with The Wyatts in a handicap match in the main event. The match ended in a no contest after The Wyatts 3 on 1 attacked Cena. Bray hit "Sister Abigail" on Cena and sang "He's got the whole world in his hands" with the WWE Universe to close out RAW.

Quick Match Results:
- Barrett def. Sheamus by pin
- Los Matadores def. 3MB by pin
- The Usos def. The Rhodes Brothers by pin
- Emma def. Layla by pin
- RVD def. Cesaro by countout
- Paige def. Aksana by submission
- Rusev def. Sin Cara by submission
- Handicap Match: Cena vs The Wyatts went to a no contest

- On a final note this edition, be sure to check out "Warrior Week" on WWE Network. "Warrior Week" is a very well put together four part series on the life of The Ultimate Warrior. You'll witness Warrior coming up in the business, some of Warrior's best matches and Warrior's final days in the company before his passing. A WWE camera crew was on hand and followed Warrior around during Wrestlemania Weekend, which you can catch in part three. Very emotional when you look at his view on life in his final days, almost as if he knew his time on earth was almost up. R.I.P Warrior.

Until next time, tap or snap.

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